queens psychopaths

queens eton tory lackeys

The United Kingdom is unique in having a breed of morons who just don't seem to realise that despite voting endlessly in a two party election system that the scum and filth that are put up for them to elect will NEVER provide solutions to improve the lives of all of the general public . Since Thatcher came to power there has been a long line of psychopaths continually voted into power by the most undemocratic election system that is totally controlled by the ruling royal parasites and their freemason lackeys and still there is no realization of the massive scam those same sheeple are acquiescing to and the dubious quality of the psychopaths given those platforms come election time. Cameron and his henchmen are all Eton clones groomed to serve the Windsor mafia next door .

Is it any wonder Britain is in a mess thanks to the monsters who have been given free rein to carry out the mass plundering of the public to prop up the richest dynasty on the planet, meanwhile her press mafia are telling the long suffering public there is NO money despite London and the South of England gorging on the Royals overflowing trough of wealth that shows no sign of abating. We have a country were the biggest group of psychopaths reign supreme for and on behalf of Old Lizzie in courts the length and breadth of the UK and despite bankers continually being blamed for the present state of affairs it is only thanks to the laws drawn up by the law society, lawyers and the judges they serve that gives this self appointed elite power over us .

Centralized governments ensure the ruling elite can thwart any resistance to their power and control and why they have spent so long developing a system that serves only them and their lackeys while everyone else remains enslaved, with many of the enslaved only to happy to show deference to their enslavers who are carried along by the mass media propaganda that elevates them to godlike status. Only a massive wake up call can rid this country of the perverted psychopaths that have caused so much mayhem and destruction that continues to impoverish vast swathes of the country while the rich get fatter and while resources are squandered on the military industrial complex and massive projects that are all being provided for the very South of Britain while the peasants elsewhere struggle under a massive cloak of imposed austerity.