UK political mafia used to take the heat off the real controllers

cameron bows to the master The Houses of Parliament have been constantly used across the globe as a beacon of democracy and supposedly transformed Britain from a feudal state to some sort of free and open society. That is so far from the truth and centuries after this vile corrupt system was introduced it is crystal clear that the British royal parasites are the real controllers of the world using their army of stasi freemasons as their whipping boys globally to keep them in the opulence they think they deserve.

From a fawning global media to the political and legal scum who manufacture legislation that ensures the peasants WILL ALWAYS be kept in their place and remain enslaved while propping up the most murderous terrorist regime on the planet. NO you wont see these evil fuckers on the streets with their terrorist outfits, machine guns and bombs , their form of terrorism is far more subtle and devious and goes on behind closed doors in every courthouse that copies English crown law and the monstrous unjust judicial decisions that keep these evil bastards propped up by oppressing the peasants unaware, thanks to the brainwashing by their heavily controlled media.

They are the world experts on psychological control and persecution. You can be targeted without showing any outward signs they are after you and your lifes work. What you do see is an endless array of images of what terrorists are supposed to look like and they are usually the resistance movements across the world that have the minimum of weaponry to stand up to a tyranny so vast, so all consuming no one can truly comprehend the power and control they hold. Meanwhile they subtly and deviously claim to be the upholders of democracy and who will come to our rescue against the big bad pseudo bogeymen they regularly wheel on to show you what they view as terrorists when the men in grey suits and immaculate white shirts, who use power dressing like the royal parasites, to disguise the fact they themselves are the biggest most murderous terrorists of all.

David Cameron a clone from the Eton groomed school of royalist mind control and his mob of murdering tory henchmen are responsible for thousands of deaths of the most sick and vulnerable in British society through their psychological assassins and torturers ATOS and DWP yet he is paraded on the BBC , ITV and the rest of the mass media as some sort of moral guardian who will look after us against their perceived bad guys. IT IS THESE PSYCHOPATHS THAT ARE THE SOURCE OF MORE TERRORISM AND TYRANNY THAN ALL OTHER PSEUDO TERRORISM COMBINED.

Strange you would never guess that from how the media manipulate the sheeple into believing he has the moral right to impose draconian measures on the British peasants that has caused the total decline in living standards to the point of mass suicide of the sick and infirm. He also takes the heat off of the royal parasites when any mention of their vast wealth is exposed and they start to take the flak for the utter failure of a so called democracy set up by their murderous forefathers as a supposed democratic process when all the British peasants get to vote for are their hand picked political lackeys from both ends of the political spectrum and disguised as if we have a choice.

That choice boils down to the few donkeys who are all controlled by the same trainer and owner the royal parasite herself, and no matter who wins the same agenda remains. Keeping them in the opulence they are determined to preserve at all cost, especially for the downtrodden peasants who have paid a heavy price and the royalist sheeple deluded into believing they are somehow FREE.

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