British cops trained by the legal mafia to spout garbage to protect their vast criminality

If you believe the compliant media, controlled by the British hierarchy, they would have us believe not enough of the population are in jail and its a free ride for anyone that does get locked up. They are certainly right on ONE point that the REAL criminals, the biggest fraudsters on the planet, actually administer laws and justice for the greater good of the British monarchy , the crown and its many henchmen. Any peasant may get months in jail for daring to steal a loaf of bread from the local bakers when previously they may have been sent to one of Britain's far flung colonies like Australia.

However, and this is the crucial difference, the judges , lawyers and cop who have charged themselves, as well as being hand picked by the ruling monarchy, to administer justice have been thieving to such an enormous degree that ALL other crimes pale next to the trillions stolen every day in Crown courts under the guise of the 'LAW'.

So who becomes judge and jury when the legal gangsters are helping themselves?

Well the truth is the very bastards in charge of the law have been using the law to enrich themselves and with little or no regulation, and with juries becoming extinct thanks to their machinations, they are giving themselves carte blanche to thieve with impunity while reading their law to justify theft on the grandest of scales. If you have been one of their many victims you will quickly become aware that their 'LAWS' are nothing to do with JUSTICE but a means for the few to live off of the many who have been brainwashed into believing a bunch of legal rats have our best interests at heart.

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