The repercussions of the west waging terror across the Middle East

When fanatics Bush and Blair decided to wage terror across the Middle East with their shock and awe did those nations that supported what were terror attacks disguised as some sort of war, not realise the repercussions when millions have been killed in Afghanistan , Iraq and areas like Gaza where the Israeli zionist arm of global control shows clearly who is driving the terror campaigns across the middle east?

Its easy for the zionist controlled press to claim reprisal attacks as terrorism when the west have fomented hatred across the middle east when families have been destroyed and their relatives are seeking justice for the illegal wars the west created that caused murder and mayhem in their homelands yet the west when small pockets of reprisals for the mass killings come home to those who think they can forever cause bloodshed without some kind of backlash. Even if that backlash causes the deaths of innocent victims of the war on terror. BUT WHO REALLY IS BEHIND THAT TERROR!!!!!!!!!!

The west and its political leaders ALL controlled by the zionist / freemason mafia need to view what they have been doing in their name that has caused the rise in hatred for the west's so called FREEDOMS when any victim of that system knows it hides a vile secret society control system that only aids and abets the ultra rich who need constant distractions to divert the sheeple from the tyranny they are creating in the global cesspit of murder, mayhem and corruption. A system that masquerades as some sort of political, legal and police machinations that they claim provides law and order that really only keeps the peasants in their lowly place and in total control by their tyranny.

France was recently using their fighter jets to attack parts of the middle east that supposedly harboured ISIS leaders. How many more innocent victims of that bombing died in their attempts to crush the growing dissent from the west's total domination of their oil reserves and to prop up the zionist control that seeks to destroy any resistance to their global madness?

  • France carried out its airstrike against ISIS in Iraq 19 Sept 2014
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