The jewish lawyer MP's Rifkind / Straw affair
Just what the hell is going on? Why are two leading MP's for the tory and Labour mafia's being exposed by the Barclay brothers owned Telegraph and Channel 4 sting ? The fact Thatchers Tory henchman Malcolm Rifkind and Blair's Labour henchman Jack Straw have been caught in a STING operation by a media totally controlled by Law Society goons leaves a great deal unanswered.

Normally these two ratbags would be assured the protection of the law society / zionist / masonic mafia even if they got caught red handed , so the question beggars belief what exactly is going on?

One theory is that the establishment tory's wont win the next election and the wide boys in the city want another clone of the tory scum that comes in the guise of UKIP. So are they prepared to sacrifice two of their accomplices to get UKIP into power? If Channel 4 had been planning this at their investigative offices of Dispatches some legal bod had to have wind of what they were up to and passed that up the pyramid of crime to the law society and then back down to the bastards who got caught prior to the sting taking place.

Is it that the zionist / masonic protection network is breaking down as it did with BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile , well at least after his death or is there much more to come from this story? It is unusual for ANY of the controlled media to expose MP's who just happen to be jewish and lawyers with enough protection in place to be able to see the sting coming.

We can only await further revelations, as happened just before the death of the other Thatcher tory henchman and jewish lawyer Leon Brittan caught up in the homopaedo ring operating out of Dolphin Square and behind the murder of young boys after they had finished their satanic sacrifices and perverted homopaedo abuses.

What the interviews do show is that, as happened in the devolved Scottish parliament where another Blair henchman Labour lawyer Donald Dewar wrote the RULES for Scottish devolution that allowed lawyers to sign in at Holyrood and bugger off to do their legal work getting two salaries for doing sweet FA. Arrogant Rifkind stated he has plenty of time to walk in the park and read instead of doing what he is paid for as an MP to help his constituents. Nothing is as it seems when the mass media spin out stories as they do.

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