royal baby

First picture of the new royal sprog showing the same parasitic traits as the grandmother

The lunatics really are running the asylum

Don't the sheeple realise every time the establishment have a sprog thousands of OUR own children will live in poverty to pay for their vast greed?

Don't the sheeple realise that once the royals are old enough to be GROOMED in how to live off the peasants they will learn to use the global masonic network to control the cops, judges, politicians (Groomed by their henchmen at Eton like loyal royalist Cameron), lawyers, councils, MI5, MI6 and a myriad of government agencies to fleece the peasants of the trillions they need to survive as a host parasite of the people?

Don't the sheeple realise that they claim to SERVE the people and country but they in fact SERVE themselves?

Don't the sheeple realise each generation of royals always inherits vast swathes of land and property stolen from the peasants that if returned to the people would eradicate poverty?

Don't those sheeple realise they use third party tactics to distance themselves from the murdering assassins within the many military agencies that operate for and on behalf of their agenda and with the Grand Master of satanic freemasonry, who presently is the loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent, who masterminds the incarceration of dissenters of their vile system of control?

Don't the sheeple realise every single psychopath hand picked to control the newspapers, tv and radio provides the propaganda to instil in those same sheeple deference towards their enslavers and it is NOT that the sheeple are drawn to the royal parasites but it is those propaganda merchants that impose this structure by brainwashing techniques and at every opportunity? Those morons to thick to see they are being hypnotised to serve their every need and for them to assume they can demand to live in vast opulence due to some hereditary entitlement and not because they head a long line of murdering psychopaths who had previously raped and pillaged the world. The old queen owning one sixth of the world land mass at the last count.

Don't the sheeple realise that millions of children are without fathers thanks to their judicial mafia using family courts to destabilise every family that is not part of the freemason network used to weaken men while propping up their vile dimwitted lackeys, thieving our homes, assets and children on a grand scale ?

Don't the sheeple realise all of the media presenters PAINT a royal smile from ear to ear as part of their contract NOT to deviate from a well oiled machine that , until the internet, had browbeaten the world into buying into this massive royal hype machine?

Don't the sheeple realise until that machine is crushed they only have themselves to blame for the present state of the world and in particular the UK with the massive class system propped up by the biggest despots on the planet?
This is NOT a time to celebrate but to view this as another tier of royal parasites lining up future generations to impose their vile greed on a gullible population forced, using propaganda, to buy into the royal charade?

  • The world(NO the psychopathic media barons lackeys) descend on royal hospital(VIDEO)
  • Royal sprog drew blanket media coverage but the public's response didn't live up to the frenzy in fact, there's a growing republican movement (We have been exposing this for years)
  • Eton groomed royalist lackey Cameron says 'Whole country excited' NOT(VIDEO)
  • Royal sprog a male and their media will never let us hear the end of it
  • The royal's SHEEPLE(freemasons en masse) bleat all the way to her CASTLE (VIDEO)
  • New royal sprog delivered in one of the most exclusive private maternity facilities in Britain (While the peasants and their children starve no expense spared for the arrival of the latest parasite to join the ranks of the royal scroungers)
  • Royal baby media getting 'frustrated' 'Obsessive' mass media circus surrounds royal sprog arrival (Press, TV and radio barons are psychopaths as well as loyal royalists just like the freemason Dukey Kent)(VIDEO)
  • Britain's propaganda merchant press barons ready to drool over another royal scrounger by going into overdrive in the run up to another Royal sprog dropping
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