The royals global network of glorification
These evil bastards have claim to everything we think we own

Every last one of the gutter press that promote the world's richest and most despotic gangsters can NEVER be trusted with what they push as news. Despite endless revelations about the sinister, devious and dangerous agenda of Britain's royal family every last newspaper, tv and radio station promotes them as if the sun shines out of their vile arses.

The royals are behind the global satanic cult of freemasonry that has been used to cajole and blackmail their dimwitted goons to take out anyone who gets in the way of their trillion dollar fleecing schemes. They use their third party thugs to enforce a vile regime yet you would never guess when you read the press, watch the tv or listen to the radio. A global pariah is promoted on every single airway and every single mass media newsprint as if they are some sort of godly creatures, who through a global tyranny using brute force and the law, have created a system whereby they control every contract ever written thanks to their hold over the biggest terrorist group by far the global law society centred in London and engineered by their loyal lord lieutenant the grand old Dukey Kent.

Some of the most dangerous psychopathic minds are installed as press barons from madman Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) to Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express, Daily Star and OK mag ), Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), and the BBC's top zionist Danny Cohen. They ALL claim to provide news reports but in between the general news that we could get from many other sources they intertwine the agenda providing never ending trivia that inflates the Royal parasites to god like status despite their long history of despotism that takes a different form today from the brute force their forefathers got away with to steal with total impunity. They and their lackeys have given themselves status above the laws they impose on the peasants they thieve from.

They are the global masters of psychological torture. Many an activist has been thrown into their psychiatric gulags for daring to cross their paths. They distant themselves from the continued rape and pillage of the non mason men targeted by their judicial lackeys, many who do not survive the rigors of their dangerous games, by using an endless array of goons who have sold their souls to the devil that ensures they alone have more power and wealth strategically hidden by their global propaganda machine.

There is nothing on the face of this earth more deadly than the royal henchmen's persecution network to fleece the long suffering public. Far more dangerous than every last bogeyman they create to suggest terrorism comes from many arena's that are a great smokescreen for the biggest terrorist threat from them alone. It remains a mad world when those who threaten us most are portrayed as our saviours by a machine so vast no one can truly comprehend the lengths they have gone to create a TRUMAN like world where we are all being spied on by their merry little masonic helpers. Ed Snowden put paid to the myth that it is in our best interests to allow this monster to continue to rape the citizens of the world for their own and their mafia's self enrichment.

  • Royal parasite claims to own (thanks to her forefathers control of the law) 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface
  • The Satanic British Royal Family and Power Elite