Greatness can be described in ONE word HUMBLENESS. No matter what talents people may think they have unless they are used in the best possible way they are worthless. There are many GREAT people who you will never hear about who have no ego driving them to get to a world stage They may even have an inherent modesty that stops them from standing on a platform for the world to share their abilities.

As the world is run by psychopaths those great talents have been buried and hidden from us all to get pleasure from a unique individual who may even be so impoverished they will never rise above the scum and filth that pollute our planet. However the internet has opened up doors to talented individuals who have been deliberately sidelined and oppressed while the ruling mafia gave promotion to their lackeys who they were assured of their loyalty before letting them loose on a world stage. One reason why we get the dregs who have sold their soul to the devil getting maximum publicity and with ego's that drive them to go to any lengths to get fame while conspiring with the vermin who have until now controlled all the major outlets that is before the internet changed ALL the goalposts.

We are still a very long way from REAL talent being given proper platforms as the sheeple still buy into the zionist / freemason platforms and their dodgy advertising that assumes ONLY their artists can flourish due to propaganda that stifles every other way of getting talent out to a wider audience. To show how talentless bastards rise up in this tide of filth you only need to look at the royal parasites themselves who get endless media attention thanks to freemason media control yet they have NO talent other than being the descendants of the biggest despots who plundered the globe under the British Empire using the most wicked form of brute force to conquer lands that were once free of tyranny. The world's financial, banking and legal systems have been founded on their sinister brutal control system that isn't so obvious today as many of their victims had been silenced by their controlled media until the internet started waking the sheeple from their vile propaganda.

The royal parasites and their millions of masonic henchmen are far from GREAT they are the utter scum and dregs of the earth who for far to long have stifled real talent that is now beginning to drown out their lying devious press barons who have aided and abetted the stinking system that uses the facade of GREATNESS to mask the real truth about how these evil bastards operate. Given time those who should be classed as great for their positive traits will eventually usurp those that claim GREATNESS while using evil to further their talentless cause, that global mafia will in time get their day.