Royal parasites behind tax dodging in their crown colonies
One of the royals best kept secrets Cayman Island tax dodging?

There was a recent exposure about Prince Charles ripping off the residents of Cornwall here through the vile duchy system were even on death a person's lifes work will go to him and shows a sinister feudal power still operating to this day that seldom gets reported. The gutter press are far to busy promoting these parasites as some sort of saints when that is the very opposite of how they and their 5million + strong freemason lackeys operate under the control of their loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kunt.

But there is a far more sinister aspect to this that really has not been properly analyzed and it came to a head over the recent death of a lawyer in Pakistan Paul McBride. Now McBride was part of the legal mafia who control the trillion dollar purse strings at the Scottish Legal Aid Board he was a homosexual and worked alongside Douglas Haggarty who was caught with a rent boy in a Glasgow shopping mall. Now both of these homosexuals were responsible for signing huge pay cheques for the lawyers who have a history of attacking heterosexual men during divorce accusing them of all sorts of abuse and then to ultimately steal their assets and homes leaving them homeless and penniless .

The Scottish Legal Aid Board have a loooong history of this sort of behaviour which is financially lucrative to the legal mafia and their godfathers operating under the guise of the Law Society of Scotland who feed off of the men destroyed by this system. Now when McBride died it was reported he had only 200 in the bank. Although he had a large house, as most of the legal mafia seem to have, most of it was on a mortgage so the question has to be asked how is one of Scotland's most successful lawyers SKINT? Like many of his fellow legal pals he would have been well aware of the offshore tax havens, most of them across the globe controlled by the British Crown one in particular the Cayman Islands is a freemason haunt and where vast sums have been stashed to avoid tax.

Now just as in the case with the Duchy of Cornwall were deaths of residents see their estate being handed to Prince Charles on a plate there is a strong possibility that the royal mafia have over centuries encouraged their masonic lackeys and others to use offshore crown territories to hide their vast cash stashes. Would it be nigh impossible to imagine that the ultimate goal of this dodgy practice was to allow the royals to then syphon up all that money when the tax dodging perpetrators die and like Paul McBride their families find little in the bank despite them being successful businessmen? Well we say successful in that they just might have a massive help stepping up the ladder of success through the contract system dominated by freemasons that makes the job of success so much easier when dodgy contracts are involved.

We have no definite proof this is what is going on but the royals and their Eton groomed tory lackeys do not seem to be in any hurry to push Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs into closing down a system were vast amounts of money are leaving Britain and being hidden in vaults that are ultimately controlled by the Crown and out of the arena were any kind of investigation could take place into where it all ultimately ends up . There is always METHOD in their MADNESS.

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