queen and duke of kent


How could a seemingly wholesome angelic religious family be the kingpin or more like queenpin behind some of the most evil traits on the planet? Or that is what HER compliant media keep telling us in endless propaganda and despite mounting evidence of them deeply embroiled in the paedo empire that started to unravel with TOP BBC presenter and predatory paedo Jimmy Savile.

He alone proves the complicity of the British royal parasites in allowing Savile to abuse with impunity for decades. So how can they be at the forefront of protecting a network of evil perverts despite their star status? In the first instance the royal parasite is personally responsible for hand picking the chief constables and judges running the legal system who systematically failed time and again to do anything to nail Savile. Her loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent as head of the worldwide freemason mafia answers directly to the royal parasite and ensures only loyal (using blackmail) subjects get the key positions of power.

A whole tier of individuals, including those given OBE's and knighthoods that included Savile, are then given extra special treatment and protection in that whatever they involve themselves in the good old masonic cops will take whatever measures to cover up for them even if they have to use dodgy DNA evidence to divert their criminality onto an unsuspecting member of the public to be used as another patsy to take the rap for their crimes. Any man who has seen the royals cop mafia in action during divorce will know the lengths they will go to relieve non-mason men of their assets and estates BUT especially their children who become part of the paedo empire Savile was involved in and proven when he got access to seized children in homes right across the UK and where many judges are patrons who ensure easy access for their lackeys .

The Dunblane massacre was a cover for speculative society members , the legal arm of the freemasons, who had been removing children from Queen Victoria boarding school (its current patron is the Duke of Edinburgh) to abuse over weekends and was about to be exposed just before freemason Thomas Hamilton's mass murder, that as well as being a massive smokescreen to hide the abuse, led to the disarming of a whole population and to a tyranny unseen in any other country across the globe thanks to the inability of the peasants to protect themselves against this evil network of power.

Despite the growing mountain of evidence linking the ruling elite with abhorrent crimes their media still spout out the propaganda that sees the sheeple blindly continuing to show deference and like Michael Jackson fans and despite exposures of his crimes against children over decades, his loyal sheeple still blindly follow and support him while ignoring his crimes. You can never underestimate the gross stupidity of sheeple when herded by a global propaganda machine.

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