In the dim and distant past when humans lived on reservations as natives in tribes the strong men used muscle and later weapons to protect the perimeters of their land and no one in their right mind would have suggested that any one tribe would give up their means of defence so that another tribe could come in and help themselves.

However gun control is just that, the ruling TRIBE want to walk over every right we have and help themselves with dodgy judges and a legal system that systematically robs unarmed men of their assets , homes and children under the guise of LAW. A devious and dangerous bunch of ruthless scumbags have convinced the sheeple that leaving DEFENCE in their hands will assure their safety.

The ruling mafia are using their secret society henchmen, hand picking them into the most important positions, and with access to vast arsenals of weapons to ensure the unarmed peasants conform to their oppression and tyranny. The peasants they are ruthlessly stealing from have become unable to protect their own territory from the legal machinations of the evil bastards that have used propaganda to convince the long suffering public they have our best interests at heart.

The greed of the ruling mafia has become so colossal that more and more billionaires are being created within their ranks and who loyally serve the Queen Bee thanks to satanic oaths and blackmail that keep them in their subservient place . Great Queen Street in London is the centre of control for her global tribe of freemasons who have been overseeing the stripping of the tribal peasants defences and to become easy prey for the murdering thugs and bullyboys now controlling the planet and its resources primarily to enhance their own tribes power and wealth.

Far to many of the peasant tribe's people have been brainwashed into showing deference to the elitist tribe now stripping that peasantry of all their worldly possessions. Many men have seen her tribal chiefs , the judicial mafia, rob with impunity as those men are further weakened, by not only being made defenceless, but with little status , possessions or wealth and like wounded animals find themselves separated from their own tribe ending up wandering the streets homeless and penniless. America is on the verge of creating a similar situation as has been imposed in the UK for far to long. The ruling tribe are only to happy to see everyone else defenceless so they can carry on the looting and pillaging that our forefathers would have thought we were mad to give up our means of defending ourselves from the utter murdering scum and dregs of the earth.