two top terrorists The worlds leading terrorists the royal parasite and the Duke of Kunt heading a worldwide secret army of freemasons

The world is being run by thugs, bully boys and psychopaths hand picked by the ruling mafia to do their bidding.The world's top terrorists, who hide behind a facade of respectability, robes and regalia are the British royal parasite and her loyal Lord Lieutenant the Duke of Kunt .

Every other supposed terrorist pales next to the damage inflicted on men across the globe by a vast army of freemason henchmen secretly conspiring to fleece decent men of their livelihoods and estates. There is more damage being done in crown controlled courts globally than all the raping and pillaging that transpires during wars inflicted on nations that the axis of evil instigate.

Israel, America and Britain are behind more warmongering than all other countries put together. The Israeli zionist supremacists totally control the political systems of the USA and the UK through freemasonry and with their head honcho and royal overseer in the UK providing the orders to set about the ongoing smear campaigns against any country, leader or ordinary Joe they are about to relieve of all their worldly possessions. Whether it's Saddam Hussein or some wee guy from the sticks, who may have worked hard all of his life to provide for his family and has a little property these evil bastards see ALL assets, big and small, as adding to the worldwide masonic trough where all of them lavishly eat from thanks to a conspiracy so vast few can truly comprehend the inner workings of how they do it in plain sight and get away with it.

They have a media circus globally that when required unite to create a wall of propaganda that few individuals are prepared to see past but instead, bamboozled by a frenzy of bullshit, join the herd that provides the acquiescence to let these monsters get away with mass murder and psychological torture inflicted on their victims, either individually or en masse, by a myriad of agencies totally controlled by masonic henchmen.

All of the rest is a massive smokescreen deliberately set in motion to distract and point fingers, NOT at the real terror threat, but at those they seek to destroy. How much more time and effort is it going to take to waken the dupes and sheeple from the masonic slumber created by some of the sickest forms of human life and with vile traits that have been the cause of the massive inequality and poverty that encompasses the globe thanks to their evil agenda?

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