Why are so many ruthless murdering mothers now being reported in the compliant media?
amanda hutton Amanda Hutton branded by her father as "evil"

It isn't just by accident a whole glut of articles are appearing in a normally heavily feminist leaning mass media. It is that men are now able to access alternative ways of finding out just what the hell is going on in their country. For decades the media have been complying with a legal mafia hell bent on suppressing the reporting of mothers who have brutally killed their children. WHY????????

Freemasons embedded in the judiciary have been employing the 'BAD' men scenario to have the excuse to take mens assets and property and the regular reporting of 'BAD' women would undermine the smear campaigns designed to give these evil bastards the excuse to remove everything including their children from the protection of 'GOOD' fathers. Men have seen golddiggers run riot in court getting everything they wanted given to them on a plate so the CROWN's crooked judges and lawyers can help themselves to men estates. in many cases using women who are either EVIL or are mentally disturbed as can be seen by the recent Washington scare were a women suffering from post partum (post natal) depression mounted the barriers next to the White House and was shot dead.

This has been going on for years a whole army of women who are either twisted enough to brutally murder their children or who are in the advanced stages of serious mental illness . Men have had to sit back and watch as these women are provided with all the support as men are pushed out of the lives of their children and are made homeless and penniless to satisfy the endless greed of the monsters now running family courts for their own and the states self enrichment.

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