Salmond eyes up new castle for his future empire
governors house

While Salmond is busily claiming Scotland, under an Independence ruse, for the terrorist cell at the Law Society of Scotland he also has his eye on claiming Governors house in Edinburgh as his new domain. Now we have already shown Salmond rubbing shoulders with his freemason buddies in Ayrshire during old mason Rabbie burns celebrations but it is interesting where this particular castle sits next to. Thomas Hamilton an Edinburgh architect got the contract to build the Scottish Political Martyrs' Monument a 90-foot tall obelisk which is a prominent feature on the Edinburgh sky-line.

salmond and the freemasons

A well known ploy of the freemasons is to deploy their satanic phallic symbols over all of those they assume control of while disguising them as some sort of war memorial or in this case those that supposedly fought for freedom. Now it is also interesting that the other Thomas Hamilton was the mass murdering scumbag who gunned down the children of Dunblane as a manchurian candidate to cover up the filthy goings on at nearby Victoria school . The authorities continue to deny Hamilton was a freemason with an unhealthy interest in children and who passed those children around the perverted political and legal mafia at weekends for their own devious ends.

Edinburgh has a long history of debauchery and none more so if Salmond and his law society minders get their way. Scotland needs independence from the Westminster psychopaths but they will only be replaced by the merchants of death and cover up who have already armed the freemason cops ready for the continued mass theft of land and property that will only expand under SNP control.

Thomas Hamilton (Edinburgh freemason Architect)

Thomas Hamilton RSA (17841858), was architect of the Royal High School building on Regent Road, the Bank of Scotland on the Mound, Physicians Hall on Queen Street, the Dean Gallery, and many other notable buildings, mainly in Edinburgh and Ayrshire. He co-founded the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) in 1826. His monument is relatively recent and he was previously undeclared within his family vault. There is now a bronze plaque bearing his likeness on the rear wall of the vault, having been erected by the pupils of the Royal High School on the centenary of the building of the school, June 1929. The stone in front of this vault has interesting Masonic iconography.

Curiously, in terms of the juxtaposition, he was architect of the Martyrs Monument just a few yards north of his grave.

Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane mass murderer)

The Dunblane school massacre occurred at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996. The gunman, 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton (b. 10 May 1952), entered the school armed with four handguns, shooting and killing sixteen children and one adult before committing suicide. Along with the 1987 Hungerford massacre, and the 2010 Cumbria shootings, it remains one of the deadliest criminal acts involving firearms in the history of the United Kingdom.

Public debate subsequent to these events centered on gun control laws, including public petitions calling for a ban on private ownership of handguns and an official enquiry, the Cullen Report. In response to this debate, the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 and the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997 were enacted, which effectively made private ownership of handguns illegal in the United Kingdom.

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