Why democracy in the UK is a farce
same old political shit

The scum and filth media promote the scum and filth political mafia who all operate solely for the best interests of the scum and filth royal parasite and they call it democracy. We wont be seeing any changes soon to a political system that has served the establishment well despite being corrupt and rotten to the core. The media are struggling so hard to convince us that the murdering tory henchmen are good for this country that they have been forced to prop up another right wing mob UKIP as the peasants are being fooled less and less by the lies and propaganda, so to ensure the establishment parties continue to rule by default along comes a clone of the tory's to fill the void left by the murderous dictatorship that narrowly squeezed into power at the last election despite the appalling policies of the New Labour party (Another clone of the Thatcher regime).

There is no doubt the only solution to removing the political gangsters is, as happened in the past, through a civil war that will create the necessary change to a system that is corrupt to the core and will never change without mass resistance that will ultimately lead to violence by the state against anyone daring to challenge the might and power of the fascist regime disguised behind a democracy banner.

They will endlessly regurgitate the same political clones(Miliband and Cameron are both zionists) that have NEVER tackled the poverty and deprivation blighting Britain , despite the global BBC circus that seldom if ever shows the reality of the massive inequality and no matter whether its Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg or Miliband as long as they serve the biggest despot on the planet first and foremost and herr merry band of freemason thugs, following the diktat of herr loyal Lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent, NOTHING absolutely nothing will change . Until a party is prepared to redistribute the stolen wealth of the UK into every corner of the UK the murdering scum and filth will carry on with policies that are killing British citizens en masse through the stealthy manipulation and psychological torture of the peasants that seems to go over the heads of the sheeple who live in a brainwashed bubble created by the media scum and filth who are responsible for the complete democratic farce that passes off as some sort of civilized society.

The British Empire was not built on love, respect and kindness but on the murdering brute force of some of the most evil bastards on the planet and that same spirit is alive and well in the hallowed walls of the Houses of Parliament filled with a bunch of pretentious devious pricks only to interested in serving themselves and their rich backers while ignoring the interests of the peasants who time and again have little option but to vote them back in every four years.