The Scottish Parliament show how they avoid Freedom of Information requests
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2014 5:13 PM
Subject: RE: 2nd attempt from an alternative email regarding failed FOI request to SP

Thank you for your email of 5 March relating to the lack of response to your email of 29 January to Anne Peat. I’m sorry that a response to that email has not been sent to you, but I’m afraid that neither Public Information nor the Public Petitions Committee clerks has any record of receiving the emails that you appear to have sent on 29 January, 31 January, 4 February and 24 February. However, having received your email today containing the chain of correspondence, a response to your email of 29 January will be prepared.

Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Cantlie
Public Information and Publications
The Scottish Parliament


To petitions committee

In light of the recent withdrawal of Petition PE1491 this is a Freedom of information request that has a 20 workings days window to respond to.

1. That a declaration is made by every member of the petitions committee on whether they have any conflicts of interest with that closed petition and if they are in fact members of any secret society? Having viewed the petitions video during discussions on closure it is crystal clear that there was bias shown in how that petition was being handled and a complete failure by the supposed representatives of the Scottish people as a whole to take the matter as seriously as it warrants.

2.Also why they took NO steps to find out if the petitioner may have been threatened or intimidated by the very individuals who the petitioner was seeking to have them declare their own conflicts of interest?

3. Have any of the committee attended any freemason meetings during and before the period this petition has been circulating or has accepted any hospitality in any shape or form from any lodge within the United Kingdom?

4. Are the petitions committee fully aware of the recent exposure in the Independent that provides PROOF as to why this petition is of such serious concern and has the petitions committee taken steps to investigate if the Scottish Parliament, like the met police, has been corrupted by a similar process? If the most powerful police force in the United Kingdom can be infiltrated it would not take a rocket scientist to establish if a similar situation was being imposed on the main political and legal establishments across the UK.

Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police

Gangsters able to recruit police officers through secret society, says investigation for Scotland Yard
Tom Harper
Investigations Reporter

Monday 13 January 2014

Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent. Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”. The report – marked “Secret” – found serving officers in East Ham east London who were members of the Freemasons attempted to find out which detectives were suspected of links to organised crime from other police sources who were also members of the society.Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.

The political establishment and much of the media often dismiss such ideas as the work of conspiracy theorists. However, Operation Tiberius is the second secret police report revealed by The Independent in the last six months to highlight the possible issue.Project Riverside, a 2008 report on the rogue private investigations industry by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, also claimed criminals attempt to corrupt police officers through Freemason members in a bid to further their interests. Concerns over the influence of freemasons on the criminal justice system in 1998 led former Home Secretary Jack Straw to order that all police officers and judges should declare membership of the organisation.However, ten of Britain’s 43 police forces refused to take part and the policy was dropped under threat of legal action. In England and Wales, the Grand Master of the Freemasons is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The United Grand Lodge of England declined to comment last night.

The Independent revealed last week that Operation Tiberius found that organised crime syndicates such as the Adams family and the gang led by David Hunt were able to infiltrate the Met “at will”.Asked to comment on the Tiberius report, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “The Metropolitan Police Service will not tolerate any behaviour by our officers and staff which could damage the trust placed in police by the public. “We are determined to pursue corruption in all its forms and with all possible vigour.”

  • Withdrawn PE1491 secret society membership declaration by decision makers Scottish Parliament(VIDEO)