A stark choice for Scotland
scottish independence Scotland is facing a daunting task with the up and coming Independence vote next week. Many many Scots are making profound decisions about their future based on the utter bullshit coming out of the gutter press. So lets look at how that gutter press operates.

The main Scottish national newspapers are the Daily Record, Scotsman and The Herald that along with the other UK rags that have a Scottish edition. We have already shown how the UK rags are controlled by a few wealthy scumbags who have little interest in the needs of Scottish peasants and operate primarily to prop up the London elite and can be dismissed immediately, however the three main Scottish rags have sinister connections which make them even less trusting. They are like the lot down south controlled by media lawyers acting for the global terror group the Law Society, but what is worse is that editors and owners are also members of the notorious Speculative Society club.

Now for anyone still not aware who the Spec are? They are a high level masonic club that has been behind the persecution of Scottish men not part of their creepy satanic club and behind major cover ups of Dunblane and Lockerbie air crash among others . So how can Scots trust any of these rags to provide unbiased coverage of what may be one of the biggest events in Scottish history?

So let us get to some of the most important topics avoided by these lying scumbags.

Clegg, Cameron and Miliband ALL Murdoch mafia supporters

Scots have a choice to either tolerate the Westminster political clique of Cameron , Clegg and Miliband all part of the zionist Friends of Israel club and the freemasons who control their direction. Or vote for independence under the SNP. Scots know that the London mob have allowed the Scottish peasants to rot in deprived council schemes for decades and care not a jot about whether they can ever pick themselves up out of the massive black hole dug for them under English crown rule, but what is the alternative?

Lets examine who the SNP really stand for under bullshitter Salmond. Scots are being fed lots of utopian messages about a future with independence but who will really be laughing all the way to the bank if they get their way? LAWYERS . Salmond is the SNP frontman but the REAL control comes from the many lawyers within the ranks of the SNP.

macaskill cops Left: MacAskill with his cop buddies

The most dangerous being lawyer Kenny MacAskill, you will seldom see Salmond without MacAskill breathing over his shoulder . He was recently condemned by one of his former law society pals an ex-judge for allowing the arming of Scottish police prior to the vote. Now for any man who has seen how important a role Scottish freemason cops are in the stripping of men's assets caught up in the mass persecution of divorcing men will know the ease with which crooked judges , lawyers and cops acting for a crooked English crown have been thieving vast estates with impunity.

Arming Scottish cops will ensure ANY resistance to the mass seizure of land, business or property will be even more difficult with a masonic cop sniper pointing a rifle at your forehead. Even if Scots think the London political mafia have done enormous harm to Scotland, and they have, but far worse damage has been done by the terrorism instigated by the Law Society of Scotland who previously was totally controlled by their godfather Douglas Mill. He will be unknown to many Scots about to vote and why without the knowledge of what this man and his empire destroyed will be voting blind as to the REAL elephant in the room . He was the top controller in Scotland until we ourselves along with many other victims provided evidence showing massive fraud and corruption at the heart of Scottish law and he got the boot instead of being jailed for his part in those crimes.

SNP's John Swinney v Douglas Mill on corruption at the Law Society of Scotland

douglas mill Left: Douglas Mill former godfather at the terror cell of the Law Society of Scotland

However despite them removing one man, the Law society of Scotland and its merry band of freemason judges and lawyers continue to run riot in courts right across the country destroying men and their families stealing billions from estates caught up in the biggest crime spree that NEVER gets published in the rags they totally control through stealth.

So Scots need to waken up to the reality that all of the bullshit generated by their rags is fiction drummed up to provide smokescreens to divert attention away from who will ultimately be in total control if Scots vote YES on the 18 September 2014.

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