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devil you know

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  • Lawyer run SNP used Independence vote to distract attention away from the utter tyranny being instigated by judges and lawyers in Scottish courts (Scottish men's estates being stolen at an expanding rate. Any young man deciding to invest his hard earned money in land or property in Scotland needs to ask the men utterly screwed and broken in their vile courts despite the SNP painting a rosy picture in the run up to the independence vote)
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    A stark choice for Scotland
    scottish independence Scotland is facing a daunting task with the up and coming Independence vote next week. Many many Scots are making profound decisions about their future based on the utter bullshit coming out of the gutter press. So lets look at how that gutter press operates.

    The main Scottish national newspapers are the Daily Record, Scotsman and The Herald that along with the other UK rags that have a Scottish edition. We have already shown how the UK rags are controlled by a few wealthy scumbags who have little interest in the needs of Scottish peasants and operate primarily to prop up the London elite and can be dismissed immediately, however the three main Scottish rags have sinister connections which make them even less trusting. They are like the lot down south controlled by media lawyers acting for the global terror group the Law Society, but what is worse is that editors and owners are also members of the notorious Speculative Society club.

    Now for anyone still not aware who the Spec are? They are a high level masonic club that has been behind the persecution of Scottish men not part of their creepy satanic club and behind major cover ups of Dunblane and Lockerbie air crash among others . So how can Scots trust any of these rags to provide unbiased coverage of what may be one of the biggest events in Scottish history?

    So let us get to some of the most important topics avoided by these lying scumbags.

    Clegg, Cameron and Miliband ALL Murdoch mafia supporters

    Scots have a choice to either tolerate the Westminster political clique of Cameron , Clegg and Miliband all part of the zionist Friends of Israel club and the freemasons who control their direction, or vote for independence under the SNP. Scots know that the London mob have allowed the Scottish peasants to rot in deprived council schemes for decades and care not a jot about whether they can ever pick themselves up out of the massive black hole dug for them under English crown rule, but what is the alternative?

    Lets examine who the SNP really stand for under bullshitter Salmond. Scots are being fed lots of utopian messages about a future with independence but who will really be laughing all the way to the bank if they get their way? LAWYERS . Salmond is the SNP frontman but the REAL control comes from the many lawyers within the ranks of the SNP.

    macaskill cops Left: MacAskill with his cop buddies

    The most dangerous being lawyer Kenny MacAskill, you will seldom see Salmond without MacAskill breathing over his shoulder . He was recently condemned by one of his former law society pals an ex-judge for allowing the arming of Scottish police prior to the vote. Now for any man who has seen how important a role Scottish freemason cops are in the stripping of men's assets caught up in the mass persecution of divorcing men will know the ease with which crooked judges , lawyers and cops acting for a crooked English crown have been thieving vast estates with impunity.

    Arming Scottish cops will ensure ANY resistance to the mass seizure of land, business or property will be even more difficult with a masonic cop sniper pointing a rifle at your forehead. Even if Scots think the London political mafia have done enormous harm to Scotland, and they have, but far worse damage has been done by the terrorism instigated by the Law Society of Scotland who previously was totally controlled by their godfather Douglas Mill. He will be unknown to many Scots about to vote and why without the knowledge of what this man and his empire destroyed will be voting blind as to the REAL elephant in the room . He was the top controller in Scotland until we ourselves along with many other victims provided evidence showing massive fraud and corruption at the heart of Scottish law and he got the boot instead of being jailed for his part in those crimes.

    SNP's John Swinney v Douglas Mill on corruption at the Law Society of Scotland

    douglas mill Left: Douglas Mill former godfather at the terror cell of the Law Society of Scotland

    However despite them removing one man, the Law society of Scotland and its merry band of freemason judges and lawyers continue to run riot in courts right across the country destroying men and their families stealing billions from estates caught up in the biggest crime spree that NEVER gets published in the rags they totally control through stealth.

    So Scots need to waken up to the reality that all of the bullshit generated by their rags is fiction drummed up to provide smokescreens to divert attention away from who will ultimately be in total control if Scots vote YES on the 18 September 2014.

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  • Former Law Society Chief Douglas Mill who resigned over ‘crooked lawyer’ memo scandal lands £80k Glasgow University legal post
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  • Even Scotland's judicial mafia think Salmond's lawyer henchman MacAskill should resign over arming Scottish cops
  • Salmond eyes up new castle for his future empire
    governors house

    While Salmond is busily claiming Scotland, under an Independence ruse, for the terrorist cell at the Law Society of Scotland he also has his eye on claiming Governors house in Edinburgh as his new domain. Now we have already shown Salmond rubbing shoulders with his freemason buddies in Ayrshire during old mason Rabbie burns celebrations but it is interesting where this particular castle sits next to. Thomas Hamilton an Edinburgh architect got the contract to build the Scottish Political Martyrs' Monument a 90-foot tall obelisk which is a prominent feature on the Edinburgh sky-line.

    salmond and the freemasons

    A well known ploy of the freemasons is to deploy their satanic phallic symbols over all of those they assume control of while disguising them as some sort of war memorial or in this case those that supposedly fought for freedom. Now it is also interesting that the other Thomas Hamilton was the mass murdering scumbag who gunned down the children of Dunblane as a manchurian candidate to cover up the filthy goings on at nearby Victoria school . The authorities continue to deny Hamilton was a freemason with an unhealthy interest in children and who passed those children around the perverted political and legal mafia at weekends for their own devious ends.

    Edinburgh has a long history of debauchery and none more so if Salmond and his law society minders get their way. Scotland needs independence from the Westminster psychopaths but they will only be replaced by the merchants of death and cover up who have already armed the freemason cops ready for the continued mass theft of land and property that will only expand under SNP control.

    Thomas Hamilton (Edinburgh freemason Architect)

    Thomas Hamilton RSA (1784–1858), was architect of the Royal High School building on Regent Road, the Bank of Scotland on the Mound, Physicians Hall on Queen Street, the Dean Gallery, and many other notable buildings, mainly in Edinburgh and Ayrshire. He co-founded the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) in 1826. His monument is relatively recent and he was previously undeclared within his family vault. There is now a bronze plaque bearing his likeness on the rear wall of the vault, having been erected by the pupils of the Royal High School on the centenary of the building of the school, June 1929. The stone in front of this vault has interesting Masonic iconography.

    Curiously, in terms of the juxtaposition, he was architect of the Martyrs Monument just a few yards north of his grave.

    Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane mass murderer)

    The Dunblane school massacre occurred at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996. The gunman, 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton (b. 10 May 1952), entered the school armed with four handguns, shooting and killing sixteen children and one adult before committing suicide. Along with the 1987 Hungerford massacre, and the 2010 Cumbria shootings, it remains one of the deadliest criminal acts involving firearms in the history of the United Kingdom.

    Public debate subsequent to these events centered on gun control laws, including public petitions calling for a ban on private ownership of handguns and an official enquiry, the Cullen Report. In response to this debate, the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 and the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997 were enacted, which effectively made private ownership of handguns illegal in the United Kingdom.

  • Thomas Hamilton (architect)
  • Old Calton Cemetery (Hamilton plaque)
  • SNP's legal mafia head Kenny MacAskill has only one interest in run up to independence vote protecting lawyers and NOT the public
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  • The evil of the Speculative society
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  • The Scottish Independence vote is a masonic ruse
    Salmond with his two lawyer stooges MacAskill and Sturgeon acting on behalf of their freemason masters at the terrorist cell of the Law society of Scotland. Many more Scots about to be murdered in cold blood by the masonic thugs disguised as some sort of law enforcement and helping themselves to the estates of men caught up in their sinister trap.

    Our group more than most have VAST experience of what is going on in Scotland primarily because we have been the victims of the thugs ruling Scotland with an iron fist. Salmond portrays a future utopia of being free of English rule despite the fact the SNP party are ruled over by the biggest terrorist group the Law Society of Scotland. They are no better than the Labour and Tory thugs that have been behind the Crown's massive property theft from men during divorce.

    The biggest crime in Scotland that neither the YES or NO camp has even touched on is the ease with which the Crown has been able to transfer assets and estates from decent Scottish men into the hands of the vile masonic network that dominates ALL life in Scotland. Will Salmond and his lawyer henchmen MacAskill and Sturgeon change that ? Well our group provided mountains of evidence about crooked lawyers, judges and cops to them during many legal investigations carried out during the past decade and more and they did NOTHING to improve the vast theft of land and property that continues to this day in the courts that are dominated by the Speculative club of the judicial and legal mafia.

    We can say with absolute certainty Salmond is as big a liar as the other major political parties opposed to independence . Salmond will be just like Obama in America when we warned just after he was voted in that America's black population will see no improvement in their lives and Ferguson alone proves that is the case with ghetto's of vast poverty that continue to blight America's poorest. Salmond thinks he can convince the Scots that being ruled over by a Scot will make a difference but as long as he bows to the demands of the law society terrorists within his ranks he will, like Obama, provide only sound bites and nothing else as they had every opportunity to do something when we were part of the evidence gathering that to this day despite lots of promises have done NOTHING to address the ease with which crooked judges, lawyers and their partners in crime cops and sheriff officers are thieving vast estates with impunity.

    That is our frank account of the real issues behind the smokescreen of utter bullshit both sides of the argument are putting forward. All the evidence that was fully exposed on the Scottish Parliament website was removed as soon as the SNP were voted into power and shows the degree to which they fooled the public into thinking they would do something about it.

  • The future of Scotland under SNP independence with armed cops on the streets
  • Even Scotland's judicial mafia think Salmond's lawyer henchman MacAskill should resign over arming Scottish cops
  • Scottish independence would see rise of the house thieves under SNP's lawyer mafia ("You could have a flood of properties for sale as people jump ship to move to England")
  • Mad dash by the political mafia up to Scotland to try and salvage the union that is no longer united (Shows you how optimistic some Scots are when they believe they will be saved by any of Britain's political maggots)
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  • Whatever Scotland decides, the old order is dead and buried (Replaced with a NEW world ORDER? Scotland has been shafted for centuries by the political order so why would they think anything will be different after a YES vote?)
  • Scottish independence vote proves the royal parasite INTERFERES in British politics (So much for supposedly remaining neutral?)
  • The royal parasite will still be a royal parasite in Scotland even after independence (Salmond and his SNP lawyer minders will still continue to KISS the royal arse)
  • Mint claims 'Ryal' may be Scotland's new currency(is that SHORT for ROYAL?)
  • Scottish independence under the SNP a freemason ruse
    Salmond with his two law society minders MacAskill and Sturgeon.

    There is NO DOUBT Alex Salmond has been indoctrinated into the masonic ways during his period as an MP at Westminster prior to taking over as the SNP leader and then to the pending independence vote. Now we more than most know about the SNP tactics as we were heavily embroiled in evidence gathering that was exposing the vast plundering of estates right across Scotland by the legal mafia.

    Despite giving the impression they were behind the victims they soon reneged on most of those promises and to this day land and property theft remains the BIGGEST issue across Scotland but none of the flawed parties at Holyrood dare to mention it nor any of the gutter press for fear of becoming a victim of the law society terrorists who are controlling the whole media circus and the debate on independence.

    The gutter press also get the advertising revenue for the homes stolen and resold in their rags and a BIG incentive NOT to expose what is actually going on. The Scottish people are NOT stupid and have ensured the tory mafia NEVER get to power with one miserly tory MP who will soon be booted out at the next election. However the Scottish people are badly ill informed relying on a few Scottish newspapers, all of them with a law society henchman at the helm of the editorial as their media lawyers, also they are all part of the high level mason club the Speculative society that meets in Edinburgh and was exposed as party to covering up many aspects of Scottish tyranny including the Dunblane massacre.

    As we have said previously the SNP are liars and Salmond will prove, as happened with Tony Blair, that he will say ANYTHING to get the power he demands. He will do little to improve the lives of the peasants, instead ensure the ruling elite continue to rampage through the estates of men who thought hard work would lead to a level of material wealth that will quickly be stolen by the legal crooks all part of the SNP strategy to help themselves all the more if independence is handed to the SNP on a plate.

    Nicola Sturgeon and Kenny MacAskill are Salmond's law society minders along with other lawyers within the ranks of the SNP, who as spies in the camp relay all the latest developments in the massive ruse on independence freeing the Scots from English rule only to find the ruthless freemason hierarchy controlling Holyrood will use that power to crush men not part of their funny handshake club. Instead of an English crown it will be high level Scottish freemasons that will reap the rewards of land and property theft who control the legal, political and cop powers that have been used so expertly to fleece men of trillions in a massive land grab.

    Many Scots want independence and rightly so but the SNP version will be to hand more powers to the freemason mafia that dominates all aspects of Scottish life that will only get worse for the men who remain unaware of the evil powers that will at some point affect ever aspect of their life and their future stability. How do we know? We just happen to be some of their victims dragged through their courts for years then to be thrown onto the streets homeless, penniless and childless thanks to the evil bastards that are able to continue their reign of terror with hardly a single mention in the rags the Scottish people have become so reliant on that are badly letting them down by failing to fully expose the agenda for the coming years if independence under the SNP is achieved.

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    salmond and the freemasons

    salmond and murdoch

    salmond hitler

    For anyone with doubts about the credentials of Scotland's first Minister , as we have for a very long time, and his none to cosy relationship with the Murdoch mafia only need look at the recent revelations coming out in the Leveson inquiry. Salmond like most of the Prime Minister's only got into office when Murdoch's vile rags backed them and Salmond would likely have failed to become leader of Scotland without his gangster buddy Rupert Murdoch and the many platforms he could offer him in his media empire.

    But Salmond spent a great deal of time in London prior to becoming First Minister and no doubt was selling his soul to the masonic hierarchy while he was there. The fact he is seen in the above pictures rubbing shoulders with the freemasons paying homage to another freemason Rabbie Burns shows how CONNECTED Salmond is with the EVIL that operates within the legal industry that has been stripping millions of homes from their victims under the guise of law. Any hope of becoming independent under Salmond and his legal henchmen like lawyer Nicola Sturgeon and lawyer Kenny MacAskill, who are PLANTS for the spies at the Law Society and who control the courts via their freemason speculative members in the judicial mafia, would be a disaster for Scotland. Only the total removal of the masonic masters embedded in Scotland's legal structure will stem the Crown parasitic theft from Scotland's long suffering people.

  • More images of masons and Salmond bowing to old dead mason Rabbie here
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  • David Starkey compares Alex Salmond to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler
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    Whatever Scotland decides, the old order is dead and buried
    scottish independence Replaced with a NEW world ORDER? Scotland has been shafted for centuries by the political order so why would they think anything will be different after a YES vote?

    The union will likely be gone within a decade. It’s not just the Tories in our bankrupt establishment that are to blame

    If Scotland votes for independence next week, it is the British establishment – and the establishment alone – that is to blame. The yes surge is not being driven by blood-and-soil nationalism, by dewy-eyed Celtic nostalgia or the resurrection of a Braveheart spirit. It is a defiant protest at a bankrupt order built by Margaret Thatcher and then preserved and entrenched by New Labour. David Cameron’s Conservatives will bear most responsibility for the break-up of the country, but the last government and a hollowed-out Scottish Labour party cannot escape the blame.

    Most Brits voted against Thatcherism, but the Scots – like the northern English – voted more passionately against, and yet suffered some of the worst consequences. In 1981, Glasgow was ranked 208th among British local authorities for economic inactivity; a decade later, it had jumped to 10th place. Middle-income skilled jobs were stripped from the economy, often in favour of service sector jobs with lower pay, fewer rights and less security. The mass sell-off of council housing – never replaced – left many working class communities bereft of affordable homes for their children. The slashing of taxes on the rich in favour of indirect taxes, the crippling of trade unions, mass privatisation and the relentless promotion of the City, all ensured that inequality levels exploded.

    But New Labour’s surrender to the underlying assumptions of the Thatcherite crusade gave the independence movement its greatest opportunity. Yes, the Blairites could not entirely purge Labour’s traditions, and so the minimum wage was introduced (albeit at too low a level), poverty was reduced and public services were invested in. Yet they illegally invaded Iraq with Conservative support, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and 179 British military personnel before handing much of the country over to fanatics. They punished aspiration by introducing tuition fees, saddled public services with long-term debt through the colossal rip-off of PFI, and began privatising our NHS – laying the foundations for some of the pernicious policies of this coalition as they did so. They allowed the living standards of millions of working people to begin falling years before the crash, even as the coffers of corporate Britain prospered like never before. They failed to solve an ever-worsening housing crisis, leaving 5 million languishing on council housing waiting lists. They cut taxes on corporate Britain while indulging in entirely destructive gimmicks such as scrapping the 10p tax rate.

    Many Scots look at the Britain built by this political elite, they don’t like it and they want out. If, say, northern England was a nation rather than a region, it would surely be bolting for the door by now. Sixty-four per cent of eligible Britons voted against the Conservatives in 2010, but in Scotland they have all but collapsed to fringe party status. To most Scots, living under a Tory-led government seems absurd, like being forced to live under a hostile foreign occupying force. Why do we have to scrabble around for spare cash to counteract cartoonishly unjust policies such as the bedroom tax that attempt to balance Britain’s books at the expense of predominantly poor disabled people, they wonder. Labour, meanwhile, left the Scottish National party ample progressive political turf to seize and claim as its own. On the ballot paper on 18 September, yes seems to read “never live under a Tory government ever again”.

    You would think that Labour’s leaders might have learned from their grievous mistakes. Rather than joining forces with a Tory party that the independence movement owes everything to, Labour should have treated the Conservatives as political Ebola. The Tory vote has been in long-term decline not just across Scotland, it could have said, but across much of England and Wales too: now is our time to finish them off together. Rather than attempting to defeat a yes campaign championing hope with the politics of fear, it would have promised to build a socially just Scotland as part of a new federal Britain. Such is the desperation within this camp that John McTernan, former adviser to Tony Blair, has dirtied his knees by coming crawling to yours truly. In the fight to stop independence, he writes, “the preachers of old time religion” – including myself – need to take to the streets of Scotland. Desperation and chutzpah have been rolled into one neat package. It was the likes of McTernan who championed policies that fuelled the independence movement, who sidelined and demonised dissident voices who protested: critics who – if listened to – may have prevented this unfolding debacle. And now New Labour ideologues come crawling to those they demonised to help prevent the all-too-plausible break-up of the country they are partly responsible for.

    Defending a union forged by two kings over three centuries was never of any interest to me. What appeals is the common traditions shared by Scottish, English and Welsh people as they confronted, fought and defeated the powerful. Suffragettes such as Edinburgh’s Ethel Moorhead and Manchester’s Sylvia Pankurst; socialists such as Fife’s Jennie Lee and her Welsh husband Nye Bevan; trade union leaders such as North Lanarkshire’s Mick McGahey and Liverpool’s Jack Jones – all confronted a common enemy. Glaswegians, Mancunians and Cardiffians fought for and built the welfare state and the NHS with their own hands. A movement of Scottish, English and Welsh citizens not only defeated the poll tax, but ejected Margaret Thatcher from office too. Our common enemies remain economy-trashing financiers and poverty-paying bosses, whether they speak in an Edinburgh lilt or with the Queen’s English.

    Even if it is a close no, Scotland will be gone within a decade unless there is dramatic change: only the over-65s firmly oppose independence. The old order is dead, whatever happens. A new federal constitutional order – with sweeping devolution to the English regions and Wales, and to Scotland if it remains – must be built. Drawing on our shared traditions of fighting the powerful, English, Welsh and Scots must confront an establishment that will still reign, even if Scotland is formally independent. Too much damage may have been inflicted for anyone to listen to such a call. But the establishment should know: it is responsible for the looming break-up of the country. If Scotland votes to leave, or only narrowly remains, there will be a reckoning, and our bankrupt status quo must surely be swept away.

  • Scottish independence vote proves the royal parasite INTERFERES in British politics (So much for supposedly remaining neutral?)
  • The royal parasite will still be a royal parasite in Scotland even after independence (Salmond and his SNP lawyer minders will still continue to KISS the royal arse)
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