'Shoot to Kill' policy is NOT something any decent society should tolerate

Boule Blood Sacrifice

Endless cries across America about their cops ONLY DOING THEIR JOB is bullshit utter bullshit as America is ruled over by an army of freemason mass murdering thugs. They have been heavily embedded into running America's police primarily for their own vested interests and protection. This then allows a two tier system of law and order where sections of society are truly getting away with murder while the ordinary working class peasants on the street are being massively abused to the point of death by assassination squads of primarily white racist freemasons inside the police.

Black communities are also being failed by black freemasons who serve allegiance to the Prince Hall arm of freemasonry along with the Boule's. That has allowed black personalities like Bill Cosby to get away with decades of raping women protected by the global arm of freemasonry before the right of his victims to get justice. The legal, political and police systems totally corrupted by freemasons and riddled with the vile stench of injustice that comes from a system of control that is letting these evil bastards get away with murder. In Britain the same system protected the BBC's top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile while he spent over five decades abusing children and despite his vile crimes he was knighted by the patron of global freemasonry the royal parasite herself.

America needs to waken up to the fact that not only are white supremacists killing its poorest citizens but that within their black communities black initiates of the satanic cult of freemasonry are themselves implicated in the mass murder campaigns that threatens the very heart of what is disturbingly wrong with America's vile control over its citizens.

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