Nasty sick psychopaths concocted a system of data collection
queen alien

The vile hierarchy dominating the world at present was masterminded by their forefathers who had all the traits of murderous psychopaths dictating to the sheeple this was all to PROTECT them when all the laws, courts and legal system they connived was to line the pockets of the few who sat on their lazy fat arses lining their massive bank accounts living off of the sweat and toil of the serfs .

The British royal mafia to this day carry on the PROUD tradition of any parasite living off of their hosts using their freemason lackeys, embedded in every area of life we depend on to survive, primarily to keep them in the opulent lifestyle they THINK they deserve. The morons who actually believe the bile pumped out by their press barons deserve the enslavement they have been duped into thinking, like the mobsters who kiss the royal arse, that somehow they will be safe inside their little bubble while being dominated by an evil satanic system of control. Those dupes are being fattened up for the pot and they are totally unaware of what's coming their way soon.

All the key positions of power are being handed to oath swearing dupes blackmailed to protect the royal mafia at all cost. Meanwhile the peasants are thrown the scraps from the table of the royal entourage who like lemmings follow this mob as if the sun shines out of their fat obnoxious arses. A media that have manufactured god like status onto a bunch of parasites who are controlling the global tentacles of freemasonry via their loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent who is behind ALL the spying, hacking , financial manipulations, wars, dodgy house buying on bank mortgages, pseudo terrorism, false flags, media propaganda and especially family courts where the biggest plundering is taking place under the guise of some sort of justice system.

A list that goes on ad infinitum from the power we need to heat and light our homes to the food on the table all of it controlled by a bunch of gangsters who make up laws as they go along to reap more and more rewards from the peasants who think they vote in some sort of democracy. ONLY those who have sold their soul to the royalist devil can even consider seeking positions in the political hierarchy as NO ONE, who is not part of this evil system, can attain any position that would influence the massive changes required to lever the hands of power and wealth away from the ruling self appointed parasites whose henchmen are constantly figuring out new ways to squeeze every last drop of energy and wealth from the dupes who are under some sort of illusion and dream like state that they are FREE.

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