Scottish independence under the SNP a freemason ruse
Salmond with his two law society minders MacAskill and Sturgeon.

There is NO DOUBT Alex Salmond has been indoctrinated into the masonic ways during his period as an MP at Westminster prior to taking over as the SNP leader and then to the pending independence vote. Now we more than most know about the SNP tactics as we were heavily embroiled in evidence gathering that was exposing the vast plundering of estates right across Scotland by the legal mafia.

Despite giving the impression they were behind the victims they soon reneged on most of those promises and to this day land and property theft remains the BIGGEST issue across Scotland but none of the flawed parties at Holyrood dare to mention it nor any of the gutter press for fear of becoming a victim of the law society terrorists who are controlling the whole media circus and the debate on independence.

The gutter press also get the advertising revenue for the homes stolen and resold in their rags and a BIG incentive NOT to expose what is actually going on. The Scottish people are NOT stupid and have ensured the tory mafia NEVER get to power with one miserly tory MP who will soon be booted out at the next election. However the Scottish people are badly ill informed relying on a few Scottish newspapers, all of them with a law society henchman at the helm of the editorial as their media lawyers, also they are all part of the high level mason club the Speculative society that meets in Edinburgh and was exposed as party to covering up many aspects of Scottish tyranny including the Dunblane massacre.

As we have said previously the SNP are liars and Salmond will prove, as happened with Tony Blair, that he will say ANYTHING to get the power he demands. He will do little to improve the lives of the peasants, instead ensure the ruling elite continue to rampage through the estates of men who thought hard work would lead to a level of material wealth that will quickly be stolen by the legal crooks all part of the SNP strategy to help themselves all the more if independence is handed to the SNP on a plate.

Nicola Sturgeon and Kenny MacAskill are Salmond's law society minders along with other lawyers within the ranks of the SNP, who as spies in the camp relay all the latest developments in the massive ruse on independence freeing the Scots from English rule only to find the ruthless freemason hierarchy controlling Holyrood will use that power to crush men not part of their funny handshake club. Instead of an English crown it will be high level Scottish freemasons that will reap the rewards of land and property theft who control the legal, political and cop powers that have been used so expertly to fleece men of trillions in a massive land grab.

Many Scots want independence and rightly so but the SNP version will be to hand more powers to the freemason mafia that dominates all aspects of Scottish life that will only get worse for the men who remain unaware of the evil powers that will at some point affect every aspect of their life and their future stability. How do we know? We just happen to be some of their victims dragged through their courts for years then to be thrown onto the streets homeless, penniless and childless thanks to the evil bastards that are able to continue their reign of terror with hardly a single mention in the rags the Scottish people have become so reliant on that are badly letting them down by failing to fully expose the agenda for the coming years if independence under the SNP is achieved.

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