pyramid of power

NEVER ever listen to the propaganda being pushed to justify mass spying on a grand scale. Any country with leaders that try to justify spying on their people in the name of terrorism are the biggest terrorists of all. Behind the secret corridors of power are an evil cabal of freemasons headed by the royals and their loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent who have a hold over the entire world but especially American presidents, despite the supposed independence after the civil war.

The British royals throughout history have used those secret satanic powers to get their way in everything relating to land, property and assets firstly by force and later by using the LAW and the legal system controlled by freemasonry to make ALL the rules that ensure those assets flow towards them and away from a global peasantry. This is maybe the biggest secret network of thieves and spies operating for and on behalf of the richest despots on the planet. We read and hear about distractions like the bankers or the Israeli's being at the head of this malignant cancer eating away with vast corruption at the very core of men's lives but they all in the end answer to the Duke of Kent the leader of HER mafia gang.

A sophisticated plan is in place to ensure they distance themselves from the utter tyranny that secures the royal despots as by far the most powerful rulers on the planet and anything that distorts those facts isn't true and only to take the heat away from who really are the most ruthless rulers , that is despite the facade of sweetness her media portrays her and her family as including the new royal sprog already costing millions for its security.

As victims of their heist we know more than most the intricacies of how this mass fleecing operates and by hand picking the judiciary globally via the Inns of Court she, via the Duke of Kent and the Crown , can ensure every single property globally is monopolized first to sell to the unsuspecting public and then to repossess under the many laws her along with her global assassins manufacture. Read up on comparative law and you'll see the lengths they go to ensure laws are being created that operate exactly the same in every country across the world that leads to the vast theft and plundering of estates into their hands.

elite network

By controlling ALL of the mass media they have made sure all of this went on with little exposure, that same media from around the globe who sat outside the London hospital for days waiting on the birth of the latest sprog. It is not these psychopathic news owners that are drawn to their trivia, they are ALL ordered to provide the illusion they are LOVED when they are in fact despised thanks to their crimes being exposed across the internet something they fear and dread and why the exposures that they are supposedly monitoring us all to try and contain the dissent is now rapidly expanding and that NO ONE should fear a system that is now crumbling before our very eyes, and why their press barons have been working overtime to try and counter that growing resistance. We know from our contacts around the world that is indeed the case.

Given time they and their murdering cohorts will fall on the very swords they have used for so very long to oppress and thieve in the biggest heist in history and certainly NOT if we can help it.They ARE the ultimate family from HELL

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