The power of the STATE is the excessive power of its hand picked judges
queen and her judges Royal parasite thanks her hand picked judicial lackeys for screwing millions of men in secret family court hearings

You will hear them wittering on about the need for judges to be independent of the state . That THEY, who have given themselves untold powers by stealth while eroding the jury system, mask the unbridled powers of a judiciary hell bent on protecting the ruling establishment while manipulating THEIR laws to enslave the peasantry.

Obama and his wife are law society goffers , Tony Blair and his wife are law society goffers , Clinton and his wife are law society goffers and David Cameron, an Eton groomed toff, has even more power than former prime ministers thanks to his indoctrination into the satanic teachings going on just along the road from the old witches tower in Windsor, and where her henchmen indoctrinate future Prime Ministers into the art of duping the sheeple into believing they have a democracy.

The British royals are behind a global law society and THEIR legal system centred and controlled in London , enforced by the secret bidding of the freemasonic cabal of royalist henchmen ensuring ONLY her , her parasitic offspring and henchmen remain the richest despots on the planet. EVERYTHING else pales and is a massive smokescreen to hide the REAL terrorists made up of a bunch of judicial lackeys poncing around in their robes and regalia not realising that even dressing up a turd doesn't change its constituent parts.

They have been working overtime using their media lackeys to prop these evil bastards up where they regularly use comments made by a judge in cases where perverts are going down. This gives the judiciary some sort of moral high ground as they sentence them despite the fact they are the ultimate murderous destroyers of men not part of their five million strong gang of thugs and bullyboys controlling the global superstate by stealth.

But men are learning fast their esoteric tricks of the trade used to bleed the peasants , especially men for far to long . Their scams are running out of steam as thousands of former victims who survived their murderous tyranny now have a global platform to warn others about the impending danger of putting their trust in a system of law that only feeds the global rich and their masonic minions.

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