The psychopaths the state employs for their tyrannical control

The most dangerous psychopath on the planet and loyal lord lieutenant and freemason for the world's top despot the royal parasite old Lizzie

Do you remember the wee scumbags in school who used to try and become top dog by bullying the weaker kids or those who would not play their nasty little thuggish games? The psychopathic minds that began to erupt in the dysfunctional families that then spilt over into the lives of the decent guys in society?

You can but guess where they end up ? Employed in the many arms of the bully boy state as prison warders, cops and military. The clever psychopaths end up as lawyers, judges and politicians while those with far less brain cells take on the role of the enforcers of the political and legal mafia's . So how do they keep a control over ALL these psychopaths? FREEMASONRY.

The satanic cult ensures the psychopaths, who are given key positions to throw their weight around as if they were still in school, are held to account by selling their souls to the devil and swearing vile oaths, meanwhile men not part of their creepy weirdness have to put up with dealing with the many arms of the state psychopathy that masquerades as some sort of law enforcement. The very psychopaths who enforce those laws are immune from their punishable outcomes by an UNTOUCHABILITY knowing they will have the protection of their lodge buddies embedded in the pseudo regulatory bodies to give the ILLUSION to the sheeple of some sort of accountability, when there is NONE.

The main reason Jimmy Savile and his many associates caught up in their blackmail network of abuse claimed to their victims they were also untouchable. Well that was until the shit hit the fan and suddenly from nowhere the gutter press, who have protected these evil bastards arses for decades are now forced to expose just exactly what they have been protecting all that time. See the history of pervert Max Clifford on how they kept these creeps out of the limelight.

The internet finally gave a voice to those who had become victims of the most heinous of crimes. ALL the gutter press claimed Savile was a hero and legend on his death, that was until his victims finally had an outlet across the world wide web. As the recent homopaedo exposures are showing the once iron clad wall of steel is slowly melting away and the state assassins are finally being exposed like never before and we hope we ourselves are playing a part in bringing these evil bastards down and that cannot come fast enough for the many men still caught up in the biggest crime wave across this planet, family courts and where masonic judges, hand picked by the royals loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent are wiping men out with their tyranny.

He is the top spymaster and procurer of the thugs who think they can enforce their evil regime indefinitely onto the long suffering men that have lost trillions through their very warped agenda. That regime cannot and will not get away with their crimes against humanity for much longer.