Amazon still have Jimmy Savile 'Stranger Danger' book for sale
jimmy savile stranger danger

  • Benjamin Rabbit and The Stranger Danger

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    I was looking to upgrade my Gary Glitter babysitting tips book. Someone recommend Rose West's gardening book but that claim was with foundation. Look forward to the pop out version.

    This book is a must read for all children, as it clearly identifies right at the top of the book cover the type of stranger Benjamin should be frightened of. Benjamin goes to a recording of Top of the Pops, sneaks into a famous DJ's dressing room to steal some sweets, only to be caught in the act. Happily he manages to escape leaving his clothes behind, but learns a valuable lesson about being a child in the seventies.

    In this short book Sir Jimmy exposes an array of tried and tested techniques discovered during his extensive career as TV's greatest paedophile. As the holder of a convictionless quadruple-decade streak Savile's credentials speak for themselves; this book is guaranteed not to disappoint. Being stranger-oriented, part one of this trilogy focuses mostly on lines involving puppies, sweeties and other classics known for famous delivery. The other two books in this series "Betty Bunny and the Fundraiser Fondler" and "Harriet Hare and the Hospital Humper" are for a slightly more niche market, though are well-written and offer sound advice for hospital staff and charity workers looking to establish a more intimate relationship with that special Lolita.

    A surreal satire on the dangers of young teenage girls being exposed to Tory sympathisers buried in Yorkshire. Astonishingly insightful and entertaining!