Nicola Sturgeon Scotland's SNP feminist lawyer toxic troll

Sturgeon swearing to kiss the royal arse

There's a big chasm between TRUE Scottish Independence and the vile lawyer controlled SNP. Scots have been fooled into believing that the SNP will provide the utopia for a Scottish people who have been kept in their place for centuries by an English crown to feed the greed of the Royal parasites and her evil little helpers in the disguise of freemasons.

Sturgeon is a lawyer and first and foremost works for the top terrorist gang in Scotland the law society who control ALL of Scotland's major media outlets. The main reason the SNP get so much good publicity from the very rags they totally and utterly control. The SNP have jumped on the bandwagon of independence as a way of wooing the Scottish peasants who are unaware of the importance of Sturgeon, MacAskill and the many lawyers within the ranks of the SNP. How do we know ? We just happen to be the survivors of the vicious persecution campaigns going on every day in Scottish courts controlled by hand picked freemason lackeys for the royal parasite herself. This to ensure they can help themselves to the land and property of the thousands of men being fleeced of their livelihoods by a far bigger terrorist threat than any their media manufacture.

As soon as Sturgeon was voted in after Salmond stepped down , to ensure lawyers totally dominate SNP policy, she swore immediate allegiance to the Queen at Scotlands evil den of iniquity the Court of Session in Edinburgh before the biggest crooks in Scotland the judges who also swear allegiance ONLY to the world's top parasite and who act solely in her best interests . Meanwhile helping themselves to the thousands of Scots shafted in HER courts every day thanks to a tyranny so vast none of her controlled rags dare expose the truth of what is actually going on. Even south of the border the media are jumping on the SNP Sturgeon bandwagon and purely because they are also controlled by the law society to further their agenda . Every last one of them with a media lawyer at the helm dictating what will and wont get exposed in their vile rags, like the Daily Mail and Express usually as far right wing as you can possibly get are promoting Sturgeon despite her supposed left leaning rants.

She is like the other lawyer Tony Blair who lied his way into power and backed the mass murder across the Middle East and showed how the legal mafia not only dominate all aspects of the law and write them to ensure excuses to fleece the public but also have to ensure they dominate politics to get the legislation passed that allows a terrorist gang to legally steal trillions with impunity just like the phony wars Blair and Bush created to help them steal across the Middle East and used as a good distraction from the mass fleecing of the peasants at home.