Zionist Cameron sacrificing the goyim for his 'Friends of Israel'

You would hardly believe it when listening to or reading the compliant media that Britain is being attacked by the most vicious psychological torture campaigns instigated by the scum and filth that masquerade as a government. We have Eton groomed toffs manufacturing austerity that is killing our citizens en masse and with hardly a whisper from a media so complicit with these murdering bastards crimes that they are ignoring the death toll while promoting policies aimed at furthering the murder campaigns with total impunity.

Men have known for decades about the psychological torture used by the royals state henchmen in draconian courts who have been driven to kill themselves, sometimes taking their own family with them, when pushed over the edge by forces concocted in secret courts aimed at breaking the resolve and finances of men caught up in a devious freemason trap and where their lackeys reside in judgement over a mans entire estate.

So this is NOT a recent phenomena as a similar system is being rolled out to many more sections of society who are seen by the ruling toffs as not worthy of an existence while their media press barons conjure up smear tactics priming the sheeple to acquiesce to this mass murder on a grand scale. Men have for years had domestic violence and abuse thrown at them and used as smear tactics prior to being dragged into their dens of inquity, crown courts and wiped out. There is not a week goes by when reports of suicide have been rife within the disabled community and some of the poorest sections of society and while Hitler used gas ovens these evil bastards have honed their psychological torture skills and know how easy it is to push already vulnerable victims over the edge when threatened with having the pittance of welfare removed using recently implemented draconian rules .

The tories under Thatcher devastated communities across the UK in the 70's closing down mines , shipyards and steel works where men did all the heavy industry until those closures left millions on the scrapheap of unemployment . No political party has done anything to restore these communities who live languishing from day to day on meagre state handouts. Another media scam is to portray these communities devastated by Thatcher and her henchmen as scroungers and now since Eton groomed Cameron and his henchmen have taken power again they are instigating the next stage of their attack on the peasants. Massive cuts to the already paltry sums are leaving millions now languishing in abject poverty and where many have decided suicide is an easier option than to live a life with little hope of raising their expectations while trying to survive in sink estates right across Britain. The media have been aiding and abetting the murder of 1000's of our citizens paying a heavy price for the damage the London city fraudsters running the banks and stock markets that ultimately led to the massive financial attack on those least able to bear the burden of cuts now being forced upon their targeted victims. The illusion of austerity masks the obscene gulf in how the ultra rich live who have been transformed from millionaires to billionaires and now trillionaires by the financial mafia hell bent on destroying vast swathes of the population for their own vile greed.

Anyone could be a target for these fascist scum and filth yet many of the sheeple still have their heads buried in the sand hoping they can survive the extreme storms now destroying many of their fellow countrymen in relative secrecy and but for the internet the many lost lives would not be documented as to the murderous campaigns being carried out by the royal parasites and her freemason henchmen who have been getting away with murder for far to long thanks to a complicit media who promote them as some sort of heroes not the mass murdering scum they really are.

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