Syria and the hypocrites who forget the Iraq war VIDEO

While listening to Cameron's and Obama's speeches about the atrocities in Syria they are clearly showing ALL the signs of psychopaths. When they rant on about the horrors unfolding in Syria, whether that is from the Assad regime or from rebels backed up by Israel, UK and USA , they seem to completely forget it is THEY that supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that saw Bush and Blair rabbit on about the SHOCK and AWE that was perpetrated on millions of Iraqi's while they suggested this was to get to Saddam Hussein .

When men, women and children were being blown apart in the murderous Iraqi campaign, rubber stamped by British and American political parties of ALL persuasions they kept quiet about the horrors inflicted on the innocent Iraqi's who did nothing yet faced the wrath of high tech military equipment that caused every bit as much damage as has been reported in Syria and worse, yet they try and take the moral high ground when discussing what is presently going on in Syria.

But as ever, are we really getting the full picture of just who is carrying out these atrocities and in light of the past history of the hypocritical bastards who always suggest someone else is committing heinous crimes, who exactly is behind the carnage and why is Obama and Cameron so keen to do the same to Syrian civilians as they did to the Iraqi's? For now at least Cameron has not got the support of the other warmongers that line the corridors of the Houses of Parliament.

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