pyramid of power

You'll hear all of them part of the SYSTEM ranting about terrorism and the need to spy on the world to stop terrorism . But they are not interested in people not part of their system being killed or injured but ONLY those party to the evil agenda being promoted by those indoctrinated into serving that system.

The system requires that those NOT party to it are compromised by ensuring their spy networks are at all times gathering any and all information that is being collated to build a DIRT pile for all those who are earmarked for future fleecing. Then the info they have gathered will be brought out and manipulated to smear you and make you look like a bastard and worthy of their fleecing networks. Thanks to whistleblowers like Ed Snowden their system has come crashing down showing the devious lengths, those who serve the system, will go to compromise anyone who gets in their way.

Obama has been handpicked by the 33 degree freemasons operating out of the backdoor of Chatham House in London who all answer to the British royal parasite herself and the system her forefathers developed that she inherited making sure the British royals by far and away are the richest despots on the planet. Third party freemasons do all her dirty work in relative secrecy thanks to her loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent.

queen devil

The legal mafia that protects the system and the press barons who provide the cover for it are now struggling to stop the avalanche of exposures from the many victims who, up until the internet, had no outlet to warn the general public how it operates. Slowly the brainwashed sheeple are seeing the light thanks to that system itself now being compromised by their own failure to adapt to modern technology and how they have been able to suppress its workings for so very long while being able to control the press barons, tv and radio psychopaths all party to ensuring little of how it operates gets out.

We just happen to be in a privileged position of being the victims who were not pushed into an early grave despite concerted efforts on their part to finish us off. Many men have failed to survive the rigors of the psychological torture they met out that aims to destroy every last bastion of a mans life prior to pushing them over the edge or into bankruptcy the final nail in the coffin of the murdering scum and filth that use the system to live in vast opulence on the back of their victims.

No coincidence the worst offenders of the spy networks they have set up are Britain and America who are all under the control of Israeli supremacists pulling the strings via the freemason lodges right across the world in a sinister web of deceit that by the day is being stripped down to show the lengths these evil bastards will go to protect it and the vast plundering they have been getting away with for way to long, but its demise is assured .

  • Private eyes spy for the State: Public officials spend YOUR millions on snoopers
  • The Illuminati Council of 13 aka Grand Druid Council

    The Committee of 300 (the real world government) is the secular/profane class which handles the politics, organizations and secular work of the Illuminati. The Council of 13 sits way above the Committee of 300 in the Illuminati organization. The power behind the Illuminati is clearly non human ie. fallen spiritual beings.


    The Council of 13 is Made Up of the Global Elite Families from Around the World. A Tiny Handful of Billionaires is Secretly Ruling the World From High Above Common Society.

    The Council of 13 is the ruling group of the modern Illuminati, and they are made up of representatives from each of the 13 core families. The Illuminati is an extremely powerful secret society with roots that go well back into history, determining our direction.

    The group was formed in reaction to the Age of Enlightenment in the mid 1770s as a secret club of men who met to discuss rationalism, esoterica, philosophy and other popular subjects of the day.

    After the Illuminati was officially banned in its home country, the members simply left and went elsewhere to start other chapters of the society. There were soon sects of the Illuminati all over Europe. Through the centuries, membership in the Illuminati rose and fell, but a core of thirteen families remained the central structure of the group.

    Today these families are considered the top of the hierarchy of global elite families. Whenever you hear the phrase ďglobal eliteĒ being mentioned, chances are good that the person is referencing the Council of 13 that rules the Illuminati and the illustrious families that are represented there.

    Even though there are other families that are considered to be members of the global elite and that have vast financial and political influence, the Council of 13 represents the most powerful families on Earth.

    Information gathered from ex-members of the Illuminati says that the members of the Council hold meetings at regular intervals during the year, usually on days that are considered to be pagan or occult holidays. Itís also been speculated that the council meetings are steeped in Druidic symbolism and ritual and that the standing members of the Council, in addition to their roles as the global leaders of the Illuminati, are all also the spiritual heads of the Illuminati.

    They have the responsibility of performing certain rituals and rites to celebrate tradition and also to bring about the particular events that they are trying to put into motion. By performing these rituals and meeting during the year, the Council of 13 is said to be moving step by step toward putting a New World Order in place that will be a utopia for the members of the global elite but misery for everyone else.


    The members of the Council of 13 vary based on age and status, but there is always one member of the core families that make up the global elite represented on the Council in deference to the power and reach of those families. The families who have members serving on the Illuminati Council are either members of or related to the: Astor, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell and Van Duyn families.

    Some of those names are probably familiar to you as titans of finance and politics. The ones that arenít so familiar to you are renowned mostly for their occult experience and religious power. These families all have ties to each other through marriage and also through blood so that the fortunes of each family are inextricably linked both to each other and to the success of the Illuminati plan to create a New World Order.


    The timing of the meeting of the Council often coincides with the most important elections around the world and the meetings of groups like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission which are groups founded by and made up of members of the global elite.

    While on the surface the Council meetings may seem to be just a chance for some old friends to get together and relive old times, the meetings are actually very serious affairs where there are religious obligations that need to be met and events that need to be created in order to take their plan for a New World Order Government to the next level.

    As the plan progresses, events are happening faster and in a more concentrated manner so the Council needs to work hard to manage the creation and execution of these events.


    Itís overwhelming for some people to think that there really is a global elite group that holds secret councils and shapes the events of the modern world. Itís an idea that is outside the realm of experience for many people in modern society.

    But that doesnít mean itís not true; it just means that the campaign waged by the global elite to keep their actions secret has worked. If you look at the evidence, youíll see that the Council, and the plan for a New World Order, are undeniably real.