Thatcher the most evil feminist of all

While twisted fascist Harmsworth's Daily Hate provides pages and pages of obituaries to Margaret Thatcher claiming her saintly status the rest of the country are rejoicing at the death of maybe the most evil radical feminist on the planet.Wickedness doesn't come into the equation when she took evil to another level and while feminists will rant about her being the first women prime minister there are many more women who hope they never see another witch like her in power again.

She ensured every major industry carried out by men, the really tough, dirty, filthy jobs that the feminists wouldn't dare touch like shipbuilding, steel works and mining were decimated leaving men in their millions on the dole while she brought in jobs from foreign electronic firms who provided the desk jobs for her girls. However in her madness she didn't realise those women who were forced from their homes to find jobs instead of taking care of the kids now wish they had never seen or heard of Thatcher never mind her evil tory policies. Most have found they cannot stop working as it now takes two wages to keep a roof over their head.

She also made massive changes to family law and courts that few of the compliant rags touch on and were women suddenly found themselves amassing huge divorce pay outs thanks to the devious manipulation of court judgements made, not with juries, but with lackeys of an evil crown. So men were brutalized and made homeless and penniless thanks to the wickedness of Thatcherism. Even her policy on the 'right to buy' council houses was a scam . Ask those who bought their homes and through divorce found themselves out on the street when the legal mafia came in to thieve them back. If they had been renting that would not have been possible but there was always method in her madness.

Apart from the many street parties across the UK there will be many victims waiting to piss on her grave and why she made sure she gets cremated to avoid the hoards turning up at the cemetery to use it as a lavatory. She will most definitely rot in hell for her ruthless abuse of the peasants and Cameron and his vile henchmen Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling should be looking on as they will suffer the same fate as the country celebrates the passing of one of the most evil bastards on the planet who was allowed to get away with murder until even her own vile party had to get rid of her before the megalomania caused the total destruction of the UK. Many families are still facing generations of pain thanks to her wickedness. She played a major part in deregulating the banks that ultimately caused the collapse of capitalism that she so fervently supported.

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