Thatcher coffin

Today in London the streets will be lined with the 'GREAT AND THE GOOD' or in reality the sick psychotic fuckers who believed one of the most EVIL tory scumbags ever to take power in Britain was, in their eyes anyway, some sort of heroine.

Jimmy Savile was classed a hero and legend in death by the same mob that also see the Royal family as some sort of force for good and with a selfish self serving mindset that thinks seeing their fellow men being treated in a cold, callous and ruthless manner was GOOD for the country. When vast swathes of the UK were destroyed by Thatcher's vile agenda these same fuckwits were praising her strengths (or weakness's depending on your point of view).

Now they pay homage to a character with identical traits to their own and typical of southern England's loathing of anyone who lives north of Watford Gap, though that is not consistent throughout the South as there are many who revile her as much as in the North. If you spend extensive time in London and the South East you will see why the Tories , despite their destructive tendencies, get voted into power time and again by some of the most wicked people who arrogantly see themselves as somehow elevated to a greater degree than those pesky Northerners who they view as somehow lesser mortals .

The tories always pumped billions into the heartlands of their voting territory to keep sweet the scum and filth who consistently ignore the greater good of the whole of the United Kingdom but selfishly see themselves as 'I'm alright Jack' and everyone else can get on with it to the extent they will walk over the homeless and disabled totally seemingly immune to the plight of their fellow citizens and reminiscent of psychopaths.

Until Britain can find leaders that will remedy the malaise in these destructive personalities that are happy to show deference to their leaders and undemocratic rulers, England will continue to decline while Scotland, Wales and Ireland will prosper through devolution. The North of England will start to bare the brunt of the harsh policies that the South seem so keen to continue by voting in Eton groomed public schoolboy twats who have a long history of messing up the economy and the millions of lives touched by their wicked intent.

England will continue to go down a fascist road to destruction while those same imbeciles continue to vote for the EVIL party by the diehard tory faithful.

She served the evil English crown well and why the Royal parasites and their merry band of freemasons will pay their own form of loyalty en masse to a monster who always ensured they got the largest piece of the country's pie.