the geroge

New royal sprog has been named after a pub or in fact thousands of pubs, or should that be the other way around in that so many buildings and monuments across Britain are named after the biggest parasites on the planet. Rather than change all the pub names they call the we'an after them seeing they get all that free advertising using the monarchic industrial complex outside drunken dens of inquity. A great way of keeping the royal crest as a morally upstanding part of the community connected with booze ups.

The few names the royal mafia stick to have a long history of blighting a nation with egotistically naming of everything and another method of ingraining those names into the sheeple's brainwashed minds. At least some of us have managed to shake off the masonic propaganda machines they have in place to burn their names into our psyche . If its not georgian, victorian or elizabethan even the style of houses throughout history are royally named thanks to the total hold of property ownership monopolized by their legal and judicial mafia. Their psychological scams are being exposed like never before thanks to the internet and has broken the back of their press barons and a complicit media part of a grand master plan centred on top freemason their lackey the Duke of Kent.