Julian Assange and Prince Andrew: The them and us laws
The London met have spent 10,000,000 on security around the Ecudorian embassy to stop Julian Assange going AWOL and to face extradition to Sweden over rape allegations and NOTHING to do with the WIkileaks exposures of Britain and America's part in the zionist mass murder of Muslims across the Middle East.

Meanwhile Prince Andrew's accuser in America who claims she was operating as a sex slave for jewish billionaire Epstein when raped by the royal parasite is busily going about his business with NO ATTEMPT by the London met to arrest him and to face those allegations in an American court. So why is that? The fact the British cops are riddled with the toxic stench of freemasonry allows them to decide whether they can be bothered to investigate serious allegations against their brothers like BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile and Prince Andrew while persecuting anyone who they regard as the enemy of a zionist / masonic state .

Laws that are instigated by the freemasonic hierarchy allow them to remain IMMUNE from the same laws they use daily to persecute and oppress and none more so than the draconian measures used against separated fathers to steal their homes and livelihoods but especially their children into the state homes where those children are abused by the scum and filth that operate within the British establishment.

  • Masonic met can spend 10 million+ guarding Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy (When the British establishment go after an enemy of the state NO EXPENSE IS SPARED)
  • Swear on oath you're innocent, lawyers for 'sex slave' tell Prince Andrew
  • Prince Andrew sex allegations: 'Slave girl' Virginia Roberts denies claims she slept with Bill Clinton
  • Royal parasite due to make his first public appearance at rich men's club Davos since an American woman alleged she was forced to have sex with him when she was 17