Tough upbringing? NOTHING compares with the murderous scum running the world
We highly recommend the film THE WEE MAN (2013) with Martin Compston as gangster Paul Ferris who was part of the gang culture of Glasgow.


Based on the true life story of Glasgow gangster Paul Ferris. The film follows Ferris's life as a young boy growing up on the tough streets of Blackhill. After he suffered relentless bullying at the hands of a local gang "The Banks Brothers" who terrorized the local community and witnessing Police corruption, he soon learned to become a Lion and fight back.

At The age of 16 the worm turned and Ferris quickly made a name for himself on the streets after single handily taking on and dispatching the gang he despised as a child. He is taken under the wing of Arthur Thompson "The God Father" and soon rises up the ranks only to be bitterly betrayed by the people he respected and trusted. The lines are drawn and Glasgow's most notorious Gangland War in it's history is about to erupt.

Now for anyone unfamiliar with the tough streets of Glasgow and the west coast of Scotland this film would very quickly make them aware that Scottish cops have a lot to answer for. To survive in a culture where cops continually fail in their duty of care to children leads to thuggery running rife to the point that decent kids either die or survive by joining the gangs that ensure some sort of protection as they wont be getting any from the twisted bastards employed to keep the peasants in their place.

Recently Scots have been fooled by a media controlled by terrorists into believing that the SNP (run by lawyers) would bring utopia to a country that has been controlled for centuries by the freemason mafia whose psychopathic goons have been embedded in the judiciary, lawyers, political system and cops. THE WEE MAN shows how when you leave a country in the hands of the scum and filth who manipulate society to take away the spotlight from their vast criminal empire instead concentrating their controlled media on the wee neds that evolve from a failure to keep the bully boys in check in the deprived schemes that ensure only crime and crime alone will save many from an early grave.

There is no exaggeration in the fact that there is a master plan in operation into keeping the peasants fighting among themselves while the slimebags at the top are fleecing the country of its resources and any child brought up in such an environment is seldom aware that master plan keeps the few living in vast opulence. This while the rest are enslaved by a devious manipulation of the law that fails children at an early age and provides the fodder to keep a diabolical machine turning with youngsters who are marked at a young age as only worthy of the most menial of existence and who will rot in the same destitution that their forefathers had to endure.

The film may show the gang culture that system creates but again it fails to show the controllers who make the gang members look like angels compared with their own form of thuggery and psychological torture used regularly to relieve men who found a route out of the jungle and who lifted themselves out of the gutter only to find judges and lawyers will very quickly put them back where, in their eyes, THEY BELONG.

Until Scotland rises up against a wickedness so evil you would never imagine all of this continues while the SNP's controlled media spin some sort of fantasy that to this day much of what is portrayed in that film continues but masks the REAL gangsters busily helping themselves to land and property sold to an unsuspecting public under false pretences.

A wee ned might be able to steal your tv or video but it is ONLY crooked judges and lawyers along with their lackeys sheriff officers and cops who can help themselves to your home with impunity. Many decent men who fought their way out of poverty, ingrained destitution and gangs while young only to find in adulthood a more sinister force of the freemason mafia ready to help themselves to your life's work using Scottish courts and the law to bleed those men dry. The same wee neds also have legal aid funded lawyers hanging on to their coat tails as serial criminality is the biggest money spinner for the crooks running the show and one major reason the system remains as it is. Poverty ensures a steady flow of low level criminals are manufactured in sink estates to feed the greed of the legal mafia.

The SNP are a wolf in sheep's clothing who will continue to allow the world's biggest terrorists the Law Society of Scotland and its global offshoots to continue to terrorize men and their families unaware , thanks to a conspiracy of the media, of the future outcome of their lives while these evil bastards are getting away with murder. Everything portrayed in THE WEE MAN pales next to the ruling self appointed elite who have instigated the very system of control that breeds permanent destitution for anyone with the ability to dig themselves out of the gutter. A media that continues to spin the utter nonsense that things are changing when NOTHING absolutely NOTHING will change while these monsters remain in charge.

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