military funeral Watch the scum and filth laying it on heavy all this week that THEY care about dead soldiers when in fact THEY DON'T.

Eton groomed toff Cameron goes off on his hols proving he doesn't really give a shit about murder on the streets of Britain. The deception is that the ruling mafia have to replay time and again a front for the psychopaths that rely on the peasantry to fight their evil wars and who are repaid with tacky worthless medals and trinkets dished out by the ruling mafia and the deception that the instigators of those wars CARE.

They DON'T care they only USE and in using they manufacture endless bullshit to justify sending young men, usually from poorer backgrounds, into war zones to be maimed and murdered while the BIG chiefs sit 100's if not 1000's of miles away pontificating that war is good for protecting our freedoms. Anyone who lives in the UK and has tasted the wrath of the judicial or police mafia's knows where the real terrorism lies as there are more men psychological murdered by the royal lackeys scum and filth than all terrorism threats rolled into one.

The media have gone overboard this week trying to create heroes out of those murdered due to the damage being done by a global psychopathic regime, the sad reality is that every last one employed as murderers for a UK state believe that those same psychopaths CARE when it is just one more dead body lining the streets to prop up the biggest and most brutal murderous regime on the planet. No matter how much hue and cry they and their media stir up, heroes are not made from war or the repercussions of war , heroes come from resisting the tyranny that from time to time masquerades as some sort of caring dictatorship that has brutally triggered wars murdering millions globally but especially in the Middle East for and on behalf of the Israeli supremacists pulling the strings of the political mafia that all jump when the masonic masters shout KILL.

  • Eton tory toff Cameron off on his holidays with murder on the streets of Britain
  • Mother of soldier killed in Iraq savages Cameron for Ibiza break in middle of terror crisis
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