queens henchmen

Whether its Tory , Liberal or Labour they are all a bunch of toffy nosed public school twats that sit on the same side of the fence. They all kiss the Royal arse big time and the only reason they are in positions of power is that they have been sanctioned by the Royal mafia and her press barons who have given them a national stage in the TV, radio and newspapers to ensure any other agenda is off the table to the point were jail is an option used to shut down any other voice. (see Tommy Sheridan for details).

Thatcher is being buried next week yet despite the revulsion by the peasants at her being elevated to god like status by the toerags that hide in the corridors of power at Westminster, ALL three major parties are hell bent on continuing the facade that they are somehow different, yet at NO TIME in recent history have they attempted to dismantle the British establishment , run from the top by the Royal mafia and her many layers of masonic henchmen . Most of those who serve as political lackeys have been groomed at Eton , next door to the House of Windsor, yet somehow the sheeple believe they have been voted into power under some sort of democracy.

The British public need a massive wake up call and to begin to realise that these gangsters, who are busy lining their own pockets and the Queens they serve, while producing the endless legislation that continues to impoverish all those not part of the self appointed ruling elites band of evil men, care not a jot about the working class but merely serve as some sort of democratic hoax to keep the serfs in their lowly place.