Tory bastards want to punish the poor again for the mistakes of the banking rich

Never has a political party been filled with so many psychopaths than at the present stage within the tory mafia. As was said during the evil reign of their wicked witch Thatcher it isn't just the party but the self centred bastards that would vote for political scum that see the poor as something to wipe off the sole of their well heeled boots.

It is a sick and sinister system where their controlled media provide platforms for these cretins to spout their hatred towards anyone that hasn't inherited wealth and who sit back on their lazy fat arses reaping the rewards and spoils of a capitalist system that see these twisted bastards using the oppression of the poorest, who work their backsides off, to keep them in the lifestyles they THINK they deserve.

Few if any who vote for these parasites know what it is like to do a hard days work instead ensuring the stock market, that they use to plunder former public services, provide quick profits that allows them to swan across the globe in a never ending cycle of greed, obsessiveness and self centredness while mocking the poor who have been used and abused for centuries by a political elite who have never shown any signs of breaking the cycle of deceit no matter which one gets in after an election.

Britain is in a shocking state when such a vile regime can time and again dictate to the peasants that they will work for virtually no income to satisfy the greed and selfishness of a class of morons with diseased minds that only see themselves as some sort of force for good when they are in fact the most vile low lifes on the face of the earth. It is long overdue a time for the peasants to wipe the smug grins off of their selfish self serving arrogant faces and only then will they get their comeuppance when they will no longer tolerate a system of enslavement that has allowed these abortions of human beings to disgracefully undermine the real worth of a population that has had to tolerate such vile treatment from the rats that are now jumping their sinking ship. The decline of these madmen is inevitable and only a matter of time as the sheeple waken up from the brainwashing and bullshit conjured up by their compliant media. They are the REAL extremists who point the finger at everyone but themselves.

  • The lunatics really are running the asylum
  • Even the murderous tory scum's backers are jumping the sinking ship
  • Evil psychopathic tories claim their (murderous)values will prevail over extremists (The only extremists are the sick fascist's residing and working for the tory mafia machine)
  • Tory scum want to use public money to buy a NEW royal yacht while pushing a card system to control the poorest peasants ability to spend
  • While tory scum get subsidised alcohol at Westminster they want to control the poorest peasants spending
  • Tory scum blame rag for their MP Brooks Newmark sending X-rated photo of himself to 'PR' girl
  • MPs' expenses: A new cover-up as watchdog wants names of suspected cheats kept secret to save them from 'reputational damage'
  • A small elite still dominate top jobs in the UK (Groomed at Eton by the royal parasites lackeys to serve a vile murderous crown)
  • Tory bastards attack poorest sections of society once again and before the next election (Meanwhile their trillion dollar backers carry on with their massive tax evasion ploys in the Cayman islands and beyond)
  • Cameron and Obama claim they want to CONFRONT evil (How about they start with themselves?)
  • Tories Launch 'Operation Distraction'
  • More tory rats jump the sinking ship
  • Dragged into a war by clowns who can't even run a railway
  • Another VILE tory caught with his pants down