Domestic violence a good distraction for a murdering tory government

If only the BBC were as vigilant about their presenters abusing children as their DV propaganda

The tory henchwomen witch Theresa May was ranting this morning on every TV station and with comments in all the complicit gutter press about domestic violence. Now this is getting like a long playing gramophone record that NEVER stops with the mass media and TV stations only to happy to carry the propaganda spouted, not by a government interested in the protection of women, but to distract attention away from their own murderous campaigns triggered by the tory assassins ATOS and DWP. This follows the exposure this very week of a severely mentally ill female who committed suicide just after being refused the most basic welfare help thanks to the ConDem draconian clamp down on those payments made to the most vulnerable sections of society.

Now this isn't the FIRST death of a female thanks to the psychological torture metted out by the tories assassins she is only one of thousands of women alongside thousands more men who have died after being put through the work capability assessment program manufactured by a ruthless murdering regime that cares little about the sick and disabled and more about cutting the welfare bill for the ruling toffy nose scum and filth that masquerades as some sort of government. The same government that voted for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have seen thousands of women and children murdered on behalf of the ruling mafia.

Now we are not condoning violence as if the freemason cops were doing their job properly and using the normal criminal laws any man or woman committing violence would be properly tried before a jury and convicted. But NO domestic violence is a very special type of law that only applies to men about to be stripped of all their worldly possessions and especially their children in NO jury secret court hearings before a freemason judge.

If the paedo protecting BBC spent as much time on stopping their presenters from abusing children as they do on pedalling feminist lies children would not be taken into care and targeted by BBC predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile . So the question is 'What is the motive behind the continued pumping out of the gender hate campaigns of smearing men as the abusers and ALL women as the victims?' The sinister agenda of the ruling parasites knows no bounds as it is those very men they smear that will have to come together to stop the feminist / freemason / zionist agenda that continues unabated. The BBC itself totally controlled by the judges and lawyers who are behind the promotion of the laws they use as an excuse to relieve men of billions and estates the length and breadth of the UK aided and abetted by the police who turn a blind eye to their brothers domestic violence while targeting men with malicious allegations manufactured by the legal aid funded lawyers and their gold digging clients. This is sinister at its extreme.

All of the newspapers and tv stations listed below are run and controlled by the law society who have a vested interest in ensuring their lawyer lackeys have the excuse to relieve men of everything they own and why there is an utter onslaught from a compliant media that dares not to cross these evil bastards for fear of being hit with a massive libel claim that would finish them off or even lose the advertising they get from the properties stolen from men accused of domestic violence. As the age old saying goes 'Shout at your spouse and lose your house'

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