UK Election 2015: Major political parties all pushing the zionist / freemason agenda

Just how gullible are the British public , or more to the point just how EVIL are some parts of the British public?

Anyone remotely interested in what is circulating around the internet should be aware that the major media outlets ALL promote the zionist / freemason agenda and the political scum and filth that continue to dupe the public into believing they will create a utopia for the peasantry. Ask them ALL why their Friends of Israel are more important than the ordinary public at any other time other than in the run up to the election that suggests some sort of choice for the long suffering public instead of the deeply flawed democracy that masquerades as the promoter of fairness and equality when the opposite is the case.

The rich are always going to be looked after by the system at the expense of the ordinary peasants yet come election time either stupidity kicks in or delusional ideas that these political bastards hold the key to a brighter future. The major parties have a long history of letting down the public as well as being part of the corruption and fraud that emanates from Westminster including the cover up of the homopaedo rings that some of their own MP's are implicated in. Now despite these exposures the gullible still vote them in time and again brainwashed by a media only to happy to provide the propaganda for their sleazy promises of CHANGE.

Until the duped goons waken up from the masonic slumber they have been groomed in NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING will change and despite the internet providing an alternative view many still regard the mass media as their only guage of what is and isn't important in the run up to another shambolic election charade.