America's black population facing the same as South Africans
The biggest issue that black communities face in America, as has been seen in South Africa, is that instead of improvements in their lives that should have happened when governed by a black leadership there situation becomes much worse. It is no surprise that under America's first black president more black men are dying on the streets than ever before.

We warned, even before Obama (a lawyer) took office, that the black ghetto's will remain and Obama has done nothing to improve the quality of life for black Americans instead has allowed his cop assassins to take out any of them who dare cross paths with a law enforcement now totally out of control.

In South Africa despite many years of black rule the impoverished townships remain every bit as impoverished as they were and with an increasing breakdown of law and order thanks to the failure of that regime to improve the lives of its people. That is despite the massive mineral reserves that should have seen a huge increase in the quality of life for ordinary black citizens if that regime had not bowed to western corporate interests, who to this day continue to fleece South Africa of its mineral wealth while paying slave wages to the very people they are plundering .

Despite Mandela's glorification (a lawyer) on his death little has changed if not worsened for South Africa's native population who still face massive inequality but instead of being ruled over by a rich white elite they have been replaced by a rich black elite (freemasons). While Obama swans across the globe in Air Force One living an opulent lifestyle he remains like his white predecessors uninterested in the plight of his black brothers instead concentrating ALL his efforts on ensuring the mostly white run business corporations (cartels) have free rein to continue to enslave their workers while providing massive windfalls for the ultra rich that have found pseudo austerity a great excuse to transfer ever more wealth into the hands of the few that, come election time, provide the finance that carry their political lackeys back into office.

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