Cops give TOP PRIORITY to claims of terrorist threats and bank robberies but try to get them to protect you
British cops have been exposed as protecting gangs of homopaedo's in the upper echelons of society . They have also been exposed protecting the BBC's predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile for decades. They have been exposed infiltrating protest groups and having sex with their members. They have been exposed operating as assassins for a police state shooting with impunity anyone who dares stand up to their form of tyranny.

But the media still fail to expose their part in the biggest crime wave across the UK, house theft. They also fail to expose how in vast sink estates across Britain people live in fear from gangs of neds who can roam the streets without fear attacking the elderly, young and disabled unable to defend themselves in areas the police regard as NO GO areas. Yet anybody who shows the slightest interest in stealing from a bank will have a full swat team on their back before they make the first move.

If there was a close inspection of what time the police spend on protecting the public it would be TINY. They spend far more of their time on helping the crooks running the legal system for their own self enrichment hounding separated fathers on the orders of courts run by the freemason judicial mafia. They will spend years terrorising those being fleeced in courts and you will see regularly large hoards of cops mulling around homes on either the pretext of the custody of a child and usually just before the property is about to be seized. They will also give the illusion , via the compliant media, that they can smash down doors anywhere looking for drugs when that is used to mask the real reason they are there and usually just before they aid bailiffs to steal the property they are breaking into if they meet any resistance.

Many cops now live in homes they helped STEAL as they are offered many stolen properties at knock down prices by the terror group they operate for the Law Society. NONE OF THIS EVER SEES THE LIGHT OF DAY THANKS TO THE HOLD THE LEGAL MAFIA HAVE OVER THEIR COMPLIANT MEDIA. In the past councils put X amount of homes in those estates for police to reside in but they have all managed to get onto the property ladder thanks to them being part of the biggest crime wave in British history and THEY are the very bastards charged with protecting the peace when they do NOTHING of the kind except ensure their masonic brothers avoid any sort of charge on the vast criminal network they operate right across the country.

There is something deadly sinister about how British cops operate and any young man with ideals of fighting for truth and justice should NEVER consider joining an organisation / company that acts as thugs for a draconian government hell bent on destroying mens lives through the legal system that is totally and utterly corrupt.

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