lee rigby As tragic as the death of a soldier in Woolwich is it leads to deep suspicions that a series of orchestrated events are triggered after any such tragedy providing a platform that tries to turn the creators of the present police state within Britain into some sort of saviours of us all. In the first instance the only time MEN are held in high esteem within their media circus is when they are helping murder for a state rendering machine . Men are ordinarily classed as not worthy unless they are part of the armed forces, police mafia or an arm of the political and legal machinations ensuring men are regularly oppressed and persecuted into an early grave.

The first evil bastard to show his face is the tory governments key henchman zionist Cameron who immediately rants on about terrorist threats and how he will unite the country against these atrocities and knows he speaks for the WHOLE country despite him and his own vile henchmen having a long history of supporting wars across the middle east that has seen the rape, torture and murder of millions while diverting attention onto a solitary soldier attacked on the streets of Britain. These horrific murders are a daily occurrence in the Middle East where the UK has interfered in their political systems while plundering the mineral wealth for their own self enrichment (see George W. Bush for the master plan). Cameron's henchmen like Osborne, Grayling , Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May are themselves personally responsible for the thousands dying monthly from their murdering lackeys the DWP and ATOS when used to persecute the vulnerable, those with incurable diseases and the mentally ill. Yet here they are pontificating about a soldiers death while their own mass murders are brushed aside to suggest that somehow they give a damn about the young men being used as fodder to prop up their obscene murderous vision of the world .

Next comes the royals who also jump on the bandwagon as if they also give a damn about the peasants being used to keep the British establishments hold on assets globally via their worldwide freemason network that sees tens of thousands of men dying while facing vast persecution in family courts run and controlled by their judicial and legal lackeys. Wars past and present are regurgitated to suggest they have created a FREE country while we know the sinister system of control they use to protect them as the richest despots and dynasty on the planet .

Then the government opposition pipe up supporting the existing line that they will unite with a murdering government to supposedly stamp out terrorist threats when they themselves have been voting for the very same mass murdering wars that have killed millions and as if they also give a damn about the peasants being used as fodder to further their blatant tyranny and police state.

Then the freemason chief constables are wheeled on to suggest they also give a damn that is despite their own long history of the mass murdering of innocent victims who died at their hands both on the streets of the UK and within the police cells that is going on unabated. Men in their thousands dying when British cops are used to assist bailiffs throwing men onto the streets homeless and penniless .

This is a well oiled rendering machine that will use any excuse to pontificate about how THEY will be the saviours of this great cause and will protect the general public while bringing in more oppression and persecution in the name of fighting the terrorist threat when they themselves are the biggest terrorists of all and with more blood on their hands than all the supposed terrorist threats combined. Not forgetting the vile English defence league being primed to instigate civil war on the streets of Britain to satisfy the British establishments evil hold on our society as they have done in Northern Ireland with some of the most vile murdering bigots primed to create chaos to protect another arm of the British state rendering machine . They are equally guilty when silent over the Israeli zionists mass murdering of Palestinians on the streets of Gaza.

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