Wars a great distraction from the global law society terrorists
There are NO bigger terrorists on this planet than the Law society. None, no matter what the compliant media tell us otherwise. ISIS or ISIL or whatever name they pull out of the bag for the latest terror cell cannot compare with the damage and destruction caused by the global law society. Why? Because of the very fact that same terrorist group controls ALL the press, tv and radio via their media lawyers.

So what about war? Who decides on going to war? Lawyers, not as they would suggest politicians. In the run up to Tony Blair backing cowboy Bush going into Iraq there was a massive row among lawyers whether it was legal or not. The fact Tony Blair himself was a lawyer and should have known better he finally got one of his jewish legal pals Goldsmith to back his plans despite foreign office lawyers consistently warning that an invasion would be regarded as unlawful.

Britain had been undergoing a capitalist revolution with Margaret Thatcher who had decided to sell off all of the peasants social housing stock at knock down prices to the highest bidder leaving thousands homeless . When Tony Blair came to power he ensured his godfathers at the Law Society had all the excuses to steal them back and under NEW zionist run Labour widespread property theft left millions of men out on the street. War was a GREAT distraction from what was going on closer to home and hid what was an internal tyranny triggered by family laws that had literally torn millions of families apart. Iraq ensured none of this got into the papers they control.

To try and hide the colossal theft of the family silver indefinitely could only be considered possible by the psychopathic mindset that at the time thought they could get away with murder. Phillipe Sands, a QC and professor of international law at University College, London at the time wrote a book called 'Lawless World' explaining the repercussions of why lawyers are always consulted generally before countries start wars and how much control the global terrorist group of the law society and its lackeys can foment with so much chaos that allows them to claim ORDER after they instigate the interventions that have destroyed, not only foreign powers, but the millions of men caught up in their totally corrupt and massive legal machinations on a scale so vast no one can truly comprehend the extent of their crimes.

Scotland recently has been totally taken over by lawyers, as the SNP under Salmond before his resignation, had been getting the best publicity in the very rags they themselves control and duped many Scots into believing their bullshit. Nicola Sturgeon, now first minister and Kenny MacAskill were Salmond's lawyer henchmen and the wolves in sheeps clothing hell bent on ensuring Scotlands vile godfathers at the law society remain in complete control of ALL its land , business and property empire stolen from the unsuspecting men not part of their zionist / freemason / law society plot.

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