Tyranny reigns in the UK only because virtually ALL resistance has been removed allowing these scum and filth carte blanche by stripping us of our legal right to defend ourselves (due to the false flag at Dunblane) from that tyranny and with any resistance now defenceless.

War on drugs ? But not if your a mason
War on knives ? But not if your a mason
War on fraud ? But not if your a mason
War on guns ? But not if your a mason
War on terror ? But not if your a mason
War on men ? But not if your a mason
War on drunk driving ? But not if your a mason
War on domestic violence ? But not if your a mason
War on paedo's? But not if your a mason
War on homopaedo's? But not if your a mason

When the corrupt and murdering freemason cops of the UK say they are going to have a blitz on one of the above you can be sure they don't mean their fellow brothers from lodges the length and breadth of the UK. You wont see freemason cops smashing down the doors of masonic lodges across the country looking for drugs, guns or child abusers because their primary goal is to protect these evil bastards no matter what they get up to. You will however find them in some of the most impoverished sink estates in the UK dressed in riot gear smashing doors down, but the well heeled freemasons and their massive property portfolio's obtained through mortgage racketeering, with masonic judges and lawyers ruling that monopoly, and sitting behind gated mansions and communities will NEVER see a visit from the plods unless their own estates are threatened.

Once you sign away your soul to the devil anything goes . Once you swear blood curdling satanic oaths and loyalty to the Royal mafia and her loyal lieutenant the Old Duke of Kent at the United Grand Lodge of England you can virtually do what you like as not a single copper will lift a finger to stop your crime wave. One recent example sums up how a complete lack of policing for one section of society allowed the BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile to run riot abusing and raping children for decades, with freemasons entrenched in the British police doing absolutely bugger all to protect some of the most vulnerable children in our society.

So how can anyone trust ACPO the Association of Chief Police Officers when they rant on about the 'WAR ON' anything that comes to mind on any one day when a whole tranche of society is getting away with absolute MURDER including their own kind, where cops are being used as assassins and murdering with impunity?

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