Wealth and the rise of arrogance and greed

It is the rarest of qualities to see an ordinary man with a sudden change of fortune not himself changing. For anyone who has never experienced having come into a substantial amount of money it has maybe the most profound influence in how that person's views are warped in their perspective of life itself. Some of the most vile traits associated with the uber rich come into play and someone who finds themselves wealthy begins to act arrogantly towards their fellow men and those who are less fortunate.

Many lottery winners think they themselves haven't changed but ask any of their close friends and family and they will see changes that in time show an aloofness that ONLY comes from wealth especially those who inherit vast fortunes from families who already have an enormous step up the ladder. The same lot presently running Britain as some sort of TOFF state and who with a breed of arrogant scum playing a vile and nasty game with the population smearing the ordinary Joe's as not worthy and deserving of their menial place in society and especially if they are jobless, ill or are homeless and penniless. Inequality that has flourished in Britain over centuries has provided a platform for some of the most evil of traits to multiple and raised in the gutter press as worthy of promotion and some sort of force for good. One read of Harmsworth's Daily Rat shows the very bastards influencing society with these traits are held up as the moral guardians for the peasantry and heroes for the greedy bastard's cause.

The greed of the ruling establishment is trying to return to a state where the few control the many to satisfy their insatiable appetite for wealth. Once these bastards get their first million they cannot lie back and enjoy the trappings of wealth as that appetite can only be satisfied by ever more twisted machinations that inevitably lead to the poorest paying a heavy price to prop up the psychopathic madmen that wealth turns them into and most especially the young rich kids (Eton groomed) who not only are inheriting the wealth of their forefathers but all the major platforms that can retain, increase and keep them in that opulent state by ensuring policies are created that preserve the status quo.

Thanks to the internet it is time to stamp out these traits, the only way they have been able to keep the peasantry at bay is to ensure their propaganda merchants oppress their machinations by creating the illusion that somehow they are sharing the wealth and have the peasants best interests at heart. We are presently being ruled over by a bunch of deranged psychopaths who themselves need a short, sharp, shock and the removal of the platforms they and their forefathers have used to control the peasantry for way to long. That we can absolutely guarantee is slowly but surely coming to an end.