More shambolic nonsense by the UK's judicial mafia
westminster magistrates court We witnessed another shambles in British courts this week when Caul Grant and fellow protesters were facing charges after being arrested outside the Royal Courts of Injustice during a Campaign for Truth and Justice Protest. The hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court turned into an utter farce as rogue judge Greenfield continually demanded the forcible removal of campaigners if they DARED to question his jurisdiction.

This case clearly should have been before a jury but as British tyranny continues under Maritime Admiralty rules, made up by a gang of judicial thugs, there was NEVER any hope of a decent conclusion to such a case while these evil bastards reside over what they claim is a justice system. The ONLY witnesses given time without interruption were the police mafia wheeled in to give account of how the PEASANTS dared to protest and question the judiciary at their top masonic den, the Royal Courts of Injustice. The arrogant pompous idiot of a judge threw orders about like there was no tomorrow with clerks and officers of the court bending over backwards to accommodate the swine's demands while his victims, seeking to question the legality of his position, were left facing mass removal from the court if they dared to challenge his authority, which was always illegal throughout the process by him failing to take heed of that jurisdiction challenge.

caul grant Left: Caul Grant

Even our own intervention was swiftly brushed aside and we were also removed for questioning his position and authority and a clear breach of human rights which British judges ignore at their peril. They will ultimately get their day for assuming they can continue to ride roughshod over the basic rights of every citizen they think they can crush with a tyranny that is reminiscent of the middle ages and an era they think they can hark back too to dish out the vile judgements that only favour the ruling elite and their murderous agenda.

Who exactly employs these evil bastards?????????????

The Queen has appointed Peter Charles Greenfield to be a District Judge (Magistratesí Courts) on the advice of the Lord Chancellor here


How curious District Judge Greenfield was PROMOTED in October 2012 after I made a formal complaint against him in Feb/March 2012 for his insensitivity towards disabled people saying he would not slow down his blurb blurb even though no-one, including myself could keep up with his verbal diarrhoea. He called the security when my sister asked him to slow down for the third time. He is a drama Queen, to predetermined decisions

04 September 2012
Ministry of Justice
Data Access & Complaint Unit
Petty France
London email

Ref: Ref FOI request Judical complaints against judges in the UK annually in the last 13 years

Further to my complaint against Judge Greenfield, ref 12450/2012, made in Feb/March, and not yet completed, I am concerned at the length of time taken to listen to tapes and respond to complaints to the Judicial Complaints section. I am also concerned about the ineffectiveness of the complaint system.

Please provide under the Freedom of Information Act, annually over the last 13 years:-

1. Number of complaints made against judges by a) Litigants in person b) those represented, c) legal representatives

2. The percentage of complaints which allege a) unfairness b) unreasonableness, c) perversion d) procedural flaw e) unjust f) racial discrimination, g)sex discrimination, h) rude i) abusive j) insensitive k) shouting l) bias m) prejudice n) costs o) maladministration p) perjury q) perversion to the course of justice

3. The percentage and number of complaints which are disposed off without an investigation report being compiled

4. The percentage of text in the a) first responses b) second response and c) subsequent response used by Judicial Complaints staff from pre-determined standard templates

5. The percentage & number of complaints made against all judges with i) names of judges and ii) staff dealing with those complaints where a) the judge was not made aware of the complaint or b) no investigation report was compiled or c) no sanctions were made, or d) no advice was sought from the nominated senior judge i) LJ Moses, ii) LJ Toulson iii) LJ Gloucester iv) LJ Elias or e) no referral was made to i) Lord Chief Justice, Lord Justice and ii)Lord Chancellor Rt Hon. Sir Kenneth Clarke as a result of the complainant failing to respond to any of the responses by the Judicial complaints department.

6. The percentage and names of judges who have been subject to action against them a) sanctions b) striking off c) removal from position

I refer to my complaints against DJ Greenfield in the Dartford County Court ref 12450/2012, HHJ Mitchell in the Central London County Court 2012, HHJ Louise Kamill in the Snaresbrook Crown Court 2012, HHJ David Clarke in QB RCJ 2008, which were not properly investigated. Please send me the total number of complaints against these judges and how they were dealt with in each case and how the complaints progressed and concluded as detailed in 1-6 above. These judges are not fit to be in positions and ought to be removed forthwith.

This is copied to Eileen Mannion who is investgating a complaint made against DJ Greenfield in March 2012 and just completed listening to tapes.

Yours sincerely

Mrs NB

Cc Judicial Complaints FAO Eileen Mannion T 0203 334 0308

Cc Lords, MPís Leaders of the people

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