Wonga and the church are in a massive dispute over ripping off the peasants using fiat currency loans that are more like extortion than short term lending with rates as high as APR 4,217%. That is despite the fact the church had been inadvertently investing in these rip off companies that have flourished since the fascist tory mafia got into power.

There really is method in the madness of massively impoverishing the poorest sections of society as when they get into real difficulty the first thing they will try and do as some sort of lifeline is borrow and when most of them get refused by the banking cartel , a deliberate ploy , they gravitate to these lenders before they go to loan sharks as a last resort. Many lenders like Wonga have been aiding and abetting the tories with reports in 2012 stating they and other pay day lenders had been paying £1,250 for face-to-face meetings with tory ministers and a shocking revelation that the very bastards impoverishing the population with their manufactured austerity have been getting substantial funding for their party through the very system those to poor to survive have been forced to use as a stop gap for draconian cuts to welfare that affect not only the unemployed but those on low incomes.

The sheeple who buy into the vile bile that the tories are somehow turning around the economy by starving the poorest sections of society should realise this is just another means for any company involved in this vile lending racket to aid and abet the return of a malicious party getting into power through making the population much poorer which then provides a massive advertising budget gained through making the poor pay through extortion by pay day lenders.

To know that these evil establishment bastards could return on the back of poverty and not through the enrichment of British citizens shows the lengths they will go to get into power again.

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