World War Z(ionist) review
world war z

west bank barrier There is something quite disturbing, which maybe takes a second or third viewing, watching Brad Pitt in World War Z. The Z definitely stands for zionism after all its made in Hollywood, home to the zionist propaganda merchants putting their slant on anything they control.

The fact Brad is married to top zionist Angelina Jolie whose jewish father is an avid supporter of the Israeli supremacists controlling world leaders through freemasonry. Its no surprise then how a supposed zombie film actually ends up promoting Israel's wall (West Bank barrier)and the IDF and where sympathy is shown throughout the film towards the injured Israeli soldier whose hand gets chopped off during the Zombie rioting in Jerusalem. Its almost portraying the goyim as the zombies and that Israel requires the wall to keep the rest of the world from tainting their DNA with goyim blood.

This is clearly a disturbing step the Hollywood zionist mafia are taking with one of their movie icons Brad Pitt in an increasing political stance and how he spends more than half the film trying to treat and rescue the female IDF soldier keeping her from all the zombie goyim that threatens her life. A very warped but very stereo typical vision of how the zionist faction view themselves in today's society, a very subtle, devious and dangerous political message within a supposed fictional piece.