Youtube celebrate 10 years of censorship

This week saw Youtube celebrate its 10 year anniversary with a compliant media praising them as if they are some sort of force for good. However since being purchased by Google, Youtube has taken on a very different stance and alternative media has found a rogue system that continues to remove video's at such an enormous rate it is impossible to keep up with them and leaves webpages dependent on Youtube content as barren as a desert .

This has been most noticeable in two important arena's which we have reported previously . During the Arab spring thousands of video's have been removed by Youtube for NO REASON and an historical archive of what happened during that period has been lost forever. More recently flight MH370 has seen a vast array of video's which we ourselves circulated have disappeared and we need to ask why in particular has this lost flight had so much attention from the Youtube censors?

This should not be a celebration but a very worrying development where the most popular video system has been usurped by Google / Youtube lackeys only to happy to accommodate the rogue governments hell bent on getting content removed that exposes their vile agenda. They leave much of the frivolous nonsense that appears there but the political and legal video's that expose corruption are very quickly erased from Youtube servers as fast as they are uploaded. Alternative media needs to widen their video options and find smaller video sharing networks that will offset Youtube's determination to censor anything they view as sensitive to government demands.

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