Disturbing degree zionism has its iron grip over the world
zionist burning It's like waking from a dream into a surreal nightmare world where EVERYTHING, virtually everything, is being controlled by zionist lunatics from its Israeli stronghold . They have designed a race of inbreed scum and filth who have bought every single politician of any importance , every press baron of any importance, every film maker of any importance, every judge is in their pocket , all the lawyers globally are controlled by these evil bastards, the police the military. The list goes on and on the degree to which this conspiracy encompasses the globe with its evil tentacles of power, greed and control.

The sheeple are being blindly led by a gruesome force that will go to any lengths to fuck up the lives of as many as they can so that they can harness the energy and wealth created by individuals as they go through life failing to recognise the evil force that binds these bastards together FREEMASONRY. The goyim they use to oppress are blackmailed and controlled using satanic threats if they DARE cross the line in exposing their agenda of global domination. They spout anti-semitic chants if anyone dares mention the fact the zionist jewish hand is behind every major event that constantly creates the chaos then the solutions that their minions plot to show them as some sort of saviours of the world when they are the instigators of the troubles that have led to vast swathes of the population living in dire poverty while the trillionaires within their ranks can buy the loyalty of every last bastard that has sold their soul to the devil and who carry out their plans to the letter.

Without breaking this enormous zionist chain enslaving the peasants who they have machined into the small cogs of a massive mechanism that ensures these evil bastards remain forever living in vast opulence feeding from the enormous trough they have created for themselves and with their minions getting a slice of the pie to keep them sweet. Meanwhile their victims are unaware of the racketeering they have built on an illusion of democracy that has led to the colossal imbalance in how the worlds wealth is distributed on a global scale. Recognising the importance of how this has all come together can initiate the unraveling of the mystery of how these gangsters have gotten away with this for so very long and were finally the internet is presently breaking its vile back.

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  • Churchill was bankrolled by 'THE FOCUS' a Board of Deputies of British Jews
  • Zionists Funded Both Hitler and Churchill (as well as Clinton and Trump)